Monday Metal Madness – Iconic Frontmen

Well, it looks like Opeth fans lean more toward the middle of their discography.  The newer stuff didn’t get much love, the old material took second place.  Thank you for voting…that was a tough one.

This week we are going to take a look at iconic frontmen.  These are the guys that made a name for themselves not only as a vocalist, but for being the guy in the front; the one that gets the crowd moving and maintains a certain level of energy throughout the show.  In some cases they may even be a bit of a recluse, but the bottom line is that when you hear the band’s name you immediately think of the frontman.  They are also the spokesperson for the band, often doing most of the interviews and other things where they get are often put in the spotlight.  Keep in mind, this poll isn’t necessarily about the music…but, the guy out front.  Which one do you like and/or respect the most?  For this post I eliminated vocalists whose band is named after them.  So, no Ozzy (solo) or Marilyn Manson, etc.

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  1. Wow! This is a tough one! With the exception of Faith No More, I’ve seen all of these bands live, and that’s where the frontman’s job really kicks in, so I’m going to let that factor in with my vote. Iron Maiden I’ve seen live on multiple occasions and Bruce’s energy just makes the show go through the roof. And then there’s Mikael Akerfeldt, his interaction with the crowd is great and really makes you feel like you’re part of the band.

    I am very tempted to write in a certain frontman. Robb Flynn of Machine Head has proven time and time again how strong he is at leading his band both in studio and live. And MH live, just wow. But in the end, and not because I’m a fanboy or anything, Bruce gets my vote.

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