Full Album Streams/Review: Brendon Small’s Galaktikon

Brendon Small, famous for his hit cartoon series Metalocolypse and the surprisingly excellent offshoot Dethklok records has just released a new musical project veering away from the extreme metal lampooning we’ve all come to love from him.  Galaktikon is a concept album with a narrative so outrageous that it could only be compared to Devin Townsend’s Ziltoid: The Omniscient.  Instead of relying on the death metal style he has become so famous for, Brendon reaches to classic metal to use as a backdrop for a science fiction super hero divorce drama that takes itself way too seriously, but all not to seriously.  By not wearing the goofiness on its sleeve like Dethklok, Galaktikon feels like a much more mature album.  But, when you get past the killer riffs and licks and dig into the narrative, which is delivered completely stone-faced serious, you really catch the ridiculousness and hilarity of the whole dern thing.

In short the story on the album is about a super hero named Triton who has recently been divorced.  He encounters Lazer Witch who tells him of a prophecy that he should, in no way, help his ex-wife should she ever get into trouble.  And of course she gets into trouble.  Recently escaping from an intergalactic prison, Triton’s arch nemesis Beastblade finds and seduces Triton’s ex-wife.  Having know that Beastblade has vowed the most horrible revenge on him, Triton fears for his ex-wife’s safety.  On his way to save her from a unknowing demise, Triton is kidnapped and made to face an evil giant space worm in arena combat.  Rallying all the other gladiators in the arena Triton defeats the space worm and then goes to do battle with Beastblade.  He defeats his nemesis and the story ends with Triton parting ways with his ex-wife one final time.

For all its ridiculousness of super heroes and space worms, the narrative is actually pretty deep and that also transcends into the music.  Like I said, there is no death metal to be found anywhere on the record.  The music is very guitar and vocal driven featuring great melodies that make each song nice and catchy.  From Iron Maiden inspired riffing and solo’s to Rush style progressive elements, Brendon Small nails just about everything I want to hear in a great straight up metal record.  Brendon’s vocals are also quite excellent proving he can do a hell of a lot more than the death growls heard on Dethklok records.  Also adding a ton of punch to the record is famed drummer Gene Hoglan (Dethklok, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory, a million and one studio drummer spots).  He may be known for his more extreme style of drumming, but he is able to bring in some fun, heavy hitting, and complex drumming into the mix and add even more to an already excellent collection of riffs, catchy vocals, and great grooves.

The memorable moments on the record drop constantly with each song containing a section that will keep you hitting the play button each time the record finishes up.  “Prophecy of the Lazer Witch” has a spacey rock intro and a chorus melody that not even an industrial strength Brillo pad will be able to scrub from your brain.  The chugging guitars paired with the slow-paced vocal melody of “Beastblade” is great contrast and the dynamic works great in conjunction with the doom metal chorus and bridge riffs and melodious vocals underneath.  The old school rock sounds of “Deathwaltz” and “Arena War of the Immortal Masters” are tons of fun and the homage to famous guitar shredders like Steve Vai and Steve Morse, “Dangertits” is just a balls out good time tune.  The closer of the record is “On My Way” and it is a doozy filled with great guitar solos and has a very heavy Countdown to Extinction era Megadeth feel to it.

I highly recommend checking out Brendon Small’s Galaktikon and I really hope that Brendon continues to pursue the more melodic side of his musical repetition.  Those into metal with a more melodic edge to it will love this record as with those who will find the sense of humor in the whole thing.  Give the record a listen below and then get a copy for yourself (for physical copies or a great price on digital downloads, go here, all funds go directly to Brendon Small, who self financed the whole project).

For some unknown reason, the second song and my favorite track “Prophecy of the Lazer Witch” is missing from the playlist below, so I posted the single track below the list.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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