E.P. Review: Capturing Moments by Random Mullet

The mullet, an oddly ubiquitous hairstyle known for its business up, front party in the back attitude. This hairstyle seems like a quite fitting mascot for Finnish band Random Mullet.  On the surface you can easily hear they mean all business with their intelligent progressive metal.  But behind all that business is fact that they love to have a damn fun time with their music.  Formed when founding members, Henri Heikka and Raine Oikarinen, wanted to create more unique and different music than their current bands, they have certainly achieved what they set out to do.  The amount of unique and diverse content within the half hour of music on the bands third E.P., Capturing Moments, is staggering.  Going from alternative metal sounds to crushing death metal to smooth sax and piano filled jazz noir pieces and more I can’t think of one moment throughout my many spins of the entire record where I wasn’t enthralled, interested, and completely engaged in the music.  Everything sounds fresh and wildly unique, and if this is a taste of what they are looking to put forth in a full length, boy are progressive metal fans in for a treat.

Simo Järvinen and Ilmo Ylinärä share the vocal duties with one doing harsh shouts and scream and the other taking care of the cleans.  With this duo of vocalists they are able to get great contrasts and are able to deliver some great duo sections since there are two of them there with their energy focused on their singing.  The guitars, Tuomas Laurila, and rhythm section, Janne Riikola (bass) and Mika Luosujärvi (drums), are at times crushing, percussive, and full of piss and vinegar, at other times they are light, floating, and quite serene and never once falter to musically express whatever emotion the song is aiming for at any random moment.  Some great, passionate, and atmospheric keyboards by Raine Oikarinen help smooth all the sounds out and adds depths and emotion to each song when needed.  But the one thing that really sold this E.P. for me was saxophonist Henri Heikka.  When his sax lights up you better be prepared to listen as he takes the bands dynamic to a whole new level whether he is jamming along with the heavier section or going for a beautiful jazz solo spot.

All six of the songs on the E.P. are outstanding tracks.  My personal favorites from the six are “Clown Bipolar” and “Leaving Pictures”.  These two particular songs really show the deep dynamic that the band has.  “Clown Bipolar” is more or less what its name leads you to believe.  The psychopathic beginnings, complete with technicality and melody, eventually lead to bossa-nova outro that comes in so smoothly you don’t even know what hit you.  It’s kind of like a schizophrenic Opeth.  Quite magical really.

“Leaving Pictures” shows Random Mullets more mellow, less crazy end and contains heavy influence from progressive rock bands like Porcupine Tree and Pain of Salvation.  The piano and saxophone create an environment of beauty.  The vocals throughout exude passion and sincerity and as the tune picks up steam a keyboard and guitar solo punch it into emotional overdrive.

With a wonderful balance between crazy and serene Capturing Moments is an E.P. from an up and coming band you do not want to miss.  Fans of Pain of Salvation, Dream Theater, Leprous, Faith No More will be happy as pigs in shit with this release, all other progressive metal fans should also be equally impressed.  And beyond the music being absolutely spectacular, to sweeten the deal the Capturing Moments is available for free download via the band’s website, so you have no excuse not to give it a listen and love it.  I see huge things in the future for Random Mullet (love the band name btw 😉 ).  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!


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  1. I am much happier than a pig in shit, for this EP! Good review.
    Some unique, easy-to-like, complicated music.

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