Monday Metal Madness: Battle of the Black (Scandinavian Branch Pt.II)

Looks like “Ashes in Your Mouth” is the favorite Countdown to Extinction song.  Well deserving, great track.

A recap on the Battle of the Black polls.  Agalloch and Krallice are the victors in the American branch and will do battle next week as well as the winner of todays poll will face off with Scandinavian branch 1 winner Enslaved.

Taking heavy influence from the legendary BathoryEinherjer craft a kick ass brand of black viking metal.  The band did split back in 2004 after a solid reign during the 90’s, but in 2007 they got back together and released new material in 2011.  They seem to be going strong and lets hope that they’re here to stay.

Ihsahn is from one of the originating black metal bands  Emperor.  They came to an end in 2001 but have gotten together for a few gig here and there since.  To keep himself busy after the break-up, Ihsahn began working on solo projects as well as a plethora of collaborations with other artists.  His solo work keeps to the black metal style but now incorporates more avant-garde/progressive metal elements.  He has already release 3 very solid albums and a new one is due to hit this year.


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