Music: The Most Powerful Medicine in the World

If any of you ever had a family member or a loved one suffer from neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia I’m sure you can attest that watching them slowly lose their minds is something very difficult and heartbreaking to do.  For many years doctors and researchers have developed many medicines and pills to try to cure those suffering from many neurological problems, but, at least from what I’ve seen, they do little to reverse the brain damage, but only work to slow it.  In the past I’ve touched upon the subject of the neurological effects of music and music as medicine and now after watching the below video and looking even more into the subject I am more of a believer than ever.  Have a watch, I’ll wait.

As you can see in the video a man suffering from neurological disorders seems to be quite far deep in the throes of dementia and Alzheimer’s, not even to react coherently to yes or no question.  He is then given some of his favorite music to listen to and then miracles happen.  While listening he springs back to life, his feet move, his arms move, his face lights up.  The music rejuvenates his spirit, he is almost a different person.  Then when the doctors ask him some simple yes or no questions he responds with more than a yes or no.  With each question his mind just lights up more and more and gives more coherent answers leading to him answering more than yes or no questions as he talks about his favorite music artists.  Magical really.

It’s amazing to see such progress in the field of music therapy.  With more support this can become a serious cure for those suffering from various neurological disorders and even various mental disorders.  I’m sure you all have experienced more than just hearing when you listen to your favorite bands and songs.  Your body gets into it, your mind races (or relaxes, depending on what your listening to), you feel it’s energy inside of you.  Music is not a fluke and neither is this kind of therapy.  If I ever find myself in a state where I am losing my sanity and mental health, do me a favor and blast some Iron Maiden into my head.  I’m sure I’ll perk right up and start giving lectures on the awesomeness of heavy metal.  Please pass this video around and spread the word of music therapy.  Also take a look into alternative medicines, they are horribly overlooked in this day and age and many have been proven to be more effective than anything doctors can prescribe.  Some can even cure cancer.

If you would like to help this cause further than just spreading the word you can donate you old Ipod to elderly patients at this site here:  You can also find more information on the type of music therapy used in the above video as well as find info on how you can volunteer to help the cause.  Check it out!  Peace Love and Music!!!!

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