Album Review: Vektor – Outer Isolation

Captains Log- Stardate 3298 A.D–  We have arrived at the distress beacon at Thanos 8321.  Upon the initial search we found no sign of distress.  In fact, we found nothing at all.  No buildings, no colonists, no signs of life whatsoever.  In our disbelief I decided to look around and run a couple of scans just to make sure we didn’t pick up a wrong signal.  If there were ever any life on this planet we could not find them.  We returned to our ship to examine the scans that Prof. Ingleman ran.  Upon studying the scan we discovered there was multiple deposits of strange heavy metals below the planet’s surface.  We will investigate further.

Captains Log- Stardate 3298 A.D.– We traveled out onto Thanos 8321 for a closer inspection of the heavy metals that Prof. Ingleman discovered.  We ordered the excavation crew to dig on the sites the Prof. has pointed out.  I will report when we have reached the heavy metals.  I must report I have been feeling a bit out of the ordinary since we returned to the ship after our initial search.

Captains Log- Stardate 3298 A.D.–  The excavation team has discovered the source of the heavy metals and it seems that the colonists living quarters and buildings have just been sucked 150 feet below the planet’s surface.  Even stranger the bones of the colonists are situated in a state that shows they were doing their daily routine at the time.  Eating dinner, working, exercising, it seems as if not one showed any cause for alarm.  My head, my head is killing me.  It feels as if a Ceti Eel has crawled inside my brain.  I am not the only human on the ship suffering from these headaches either.  There must be some kind of strange gas on the atmosphere this planet that our filters are not removing.

Captains Log- Stardate 3298 A.D.– It’s massacre!  The crew, they just started.. Claws erupted from their hands…  Blood every where, sores all over my body.   Blood, blood everywhere.  My head, make it stop.  For the love of God, make the pain stop.  Ensign Skarsgard, in half, the claws.  Tore him.  His viscera.  They ate it.  Insect mandibles on their mouths.  MY HEAD!!!!  Make it STOOOOOP!  It feels like its going to ex…………………………………………………………………………………………

OK, I may have gotten a little to cliché’ and cheesy there.  But listening to Outer Isolation by AZ progressive thrash metallers Vektor seem to have that effect on me.  Filled to the brim with science fiction goodness and fast paced metal, Outer Isolation is one album that you just can’t ignore.  Taking the classic formula for thrash metal and beaming down loads of progressive metal influence from bands such as King Crimson and Death, Vektor have created a sci-fi metal masterpiece.

Opening with a chilling and futuristic soundscape, it’s not long before Vektor dive in head first unleash an arsenal of top-notch thrash metal.  In this cache of heavy metal weaponry there is machine gun riffs to neutralize any incoming mass threats from a distance.  There are bludgeoning bass lines for taking out attackers when they try to close in for a closed quarters attack.  Morphing drum beats will form around any situation and pummel any imminent threat into a puddle of blood.  Banshee vocals will addle any large group of foes twisting their mind and giving you time to ready up the most powerful weapon in your cache, the guitar solo death laser beam of death.  With this nifty death ray you can cut attackers into pieces and burn their remains at the same time.  Anti-cauterization properties allow the beam to leave the maximum possible bloody mess to intimidate your adversary back to the universe they crawled out of.  Extra photon-ion-diopthon battery slots allow for the death ray to be used multiple times with little recharge time.

Using the weapons at hand Vektor blasts through 8 songs showing no mercy along the way.  The different combinations in which they use the tools at hand is astounding. Weaving between ultra fast thrash metal riffing and break neck rhythms to mid paced serpentine leads and technical and funky bass playing, the Vektor boys know how to counter any rush that comes their way.

In particular the attack formations on “Tetrastructural Minds”, “Echoless Chamber”, and “Dark Creations, Dead Creator” were strong enough to melt the most jaded and toughened of faces.  David DiSanto’s blood curdling scream is strong enough to pierce titanium and erupt any tissue underneath.  The guitar work of DiSanto and Erik Nelson is at top form transmuting between a full force thrash and death metal assault and a more controlled prog metal attack.  The tight and funky grooves and rhythms keep all the madness of the attacks in check maintaining a focused assault.

OK, I’m running on dry of sci-fi allusions.  If you ever wanted to hear what SlayerDeath, and Mastodon (during the recording of Crack the Skye era) would sound like if they came together for a science fiction collaboration album this is exactly what would be pumping out of your speakers if they did.  Outer Isolation is worth every penny for the cost of entrance and well worth your time for multiple listens.  I loved the thrashy riffs and dirty vocals and drooled all over the proggy guitars, drumming and song structures.  They say in space no one can hear you scream, but if you were to play this in space distant galaxies would be able to hear your stereo scream with heavy metal ecstasy.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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