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  1. Wow I really like the atmosphere they craft, and that black metal sound they use while keeping it progressive. For me that’s the only turn off for black metal: too many bands seem to just cycle through the same (albeit awesome) riffs. Or maybe I am missing some memo.

    But i’ll go grab this now on bandcamp! All bands/labels really need to be on bandcamp.

    • Heya dude!
      That’s awesome you dig this as much as I did. Like I said in the review, I’m really excited for what these guys will put forth in the future, they show some great promise.

      Over the past handful of years I think black metal is coming out of its ‘kvlt’ shell and really showing some great promise. Sure, it’s an acquired taste kinda genre, but there is tons of depth and variety in it when you start finding the right places to look. If you want to hear some truely original black metal check out a band called Sigh (I have the review for the new album up a handful of posts back, album of the year material).

      And since your digging on the Bandcamp (as should the whole world) one band I think you would really dig is Cormorant. Proggy Black Metalish, but wholly unique, you can hear the whole album on their page. (placed really high on my best of 2011 list)

      and if you dig something really in the vein of Fire in the Cave check out Tombs

      • Yeah, I did think Enslaved’s “Axioma Ethica Odini” was interesting, especially the first track, but that’s about as far i’ve dipped into black metal. But cool man i’ll definitely check those bands out!

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