Blood and Banjos

So, yesterday a really cool dude left a comment on our site, and as I do with most comments that are attached to another website or blog, I went and checked things out on the other end.  What I found was one of the more interesting metal ideas I’ve heard in a while.  Combine Black Metal and Bluegrass.  To me, that just sounds awesome.  I’ve heard a lot of styles of folk music incorporated into metal, but never true bluegrass with Black Metal, and I think it would make for an awesome sounding combination.  The blog is chronicle of their project (which has just recently started, but they seem to be making some great headway) and is delightfully titled Blood and Banjos.  Head on over and give them your words of support and constructive criticism.  They seem like they have the right mindset for the project and are truly passionate about it.  I’d eagerly anticipating hearing the finished work when it is finished!  Keep on keeping on B&B!  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Blood and Banjos


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  1. Sounds like a cool idea, Moonsorrow’s love of instrumentation gone mad 😉

    You ever checked out the cover group Slaughter Of The Bluegrass? They do some great stuff like Punish My Heaven via (you guessed it) bluesgrass.

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