Album Review: Orange Goblin – A Eulogy for the Damned

Recently, I discovered this new band called Orange Goblin.  Only, they aren’t new.  In fact, they have been around for over 15-years and have seven albums under their belt.  Where the hell have I been?  Don’t say living under a rock!  I’ll admit there is a ton of stuff out there I have yet been exposed to, but Orange Goblin is not so far removed from anything that could be considered good old-fashioned rock and roll.  It’s a bit of a head scratcher for me discovering this band so late in the game.  It could be that they are a UK-based band and just haven’t exposed America to their stoner-metal groove?   Yeah, I’ll go with that!  Forget the fact that I live in England for now.  Anyway, I am glad I finally got exposed.  Now, let’s talk about their newest album A Eulogy for the Damned.

I picked this up for two reasons.  1 – Soen’s album wasn’t on iTunes like it should have been and 2 – My mind was fixated on buying an album in the absence of Soen.  I was basically either buying something new or back-purchasing another band’s album; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I saw Orange Goblin on the iTunes list of most recent releases and checked them out.  I sampled what iTunes allowed and thought it was cool and instantly likeable.   In my opinion, they are basically cut from the same cloth at Black Label Society, The Sword, and Godsized…and similar bands at least of the newer generation.  There is definitely a Sabbath and even Zeppelin feel to them.  However, they are their own entity.

My first impression is money well spent!  A Eulogy for the Damned is a strong rock album.  It’s simple and it’s the perfect album to play when friends come over and you are in the mood to turn the volume up to #11.  Have a cold beer or ten and partake in intelligent discussion about the state of metal.  I like to refer to this kind of music as “chill” metal which has nothing to do with the musical tempo; it refers to what to do while listening to Orange Goblin.  Just chill out and turn it up!  A Eulogy for the Damned can be enjoyed by any variation of metal fan; there’s something in their music for everyone.

The first song, Red Tide Rising, is one of the heavier songs on the album; a good representation of their musicianship, well-rounded I guess you could say.  It’s a bit faster tempo, but not so much that it stands out the song designed to garner special attention.  The Filthy & The Few is a similar tempo song; my favorite on the album.  It has a groovy beat while retaining a certain level of heaviness that, like I said before, should appeal to any metal fan.  Save Me From Myself and The Fog are among a few with a 70s vibe which is great because it gives the album depth and should keep the listener on their toes.  This album is far from wash, rinse, repeat.  The title track is their longest song which is both soft at times and incorporates a touch of progressive style.  Their cover of Symptom of the Universe is appropriate since they are influenced by Black Sabbath – it even says so on their facebook page.  They did a good job with this cover.  My only complaint is that it has been covered several times by other bands.  Good choice though anyway; it turned out well.

I don’t find A Eulogy for the Damned to fall flat anywhere.  I can’t give an opinion on how the band has progressed over the years.  I haven’t had time to sample previous Orange Goblin works.  I will though; scouts honor.  Well, I’m not a scout so here are some promise devil horns \m/.  I will say that since I am seeing them pop up all over the place (tours, internet, etc.); A Eulogy for the Damned has done well for them so far.  I see no reason to dispute that analogy.  The album is a uniquely enjoyable experience; applicable to metal fans young and old.  Orange Goblin will be hitting the UK tour circuit in April and also headlining the second stage at the UK’s Bloodstock Open Air this August.  Seriously, check out A Eulogy for the Damned.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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  1. I definitely have to pick this album up. I first heard of Orange Goblin when they opened up a Clutch show in the early 00’s. I ended up picking up a couple albums by them and digged them quite a lot. Don’t know why I ever lost touch with these guys. I really dig the song in the video. And that album cover is great!

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