Show Review: Godsized

It’s not too often I get to drive 7-miles to see a show. It’s also not too often that a show is free, but both of those things came to pass last night. That isn’t why I went to see Godsized though. I think I might be one of the few on my humble military base to have previously heard of the British quartet. I went to see Godsized because I remember their awesome set when they opened for Black Label Society last year in Cambridge. Last night they entertained a mostly American audience at Royal Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath (25 Feb)…free to club members. Sweet!

At first I thought this was part of the Armed Forces Entertainment Network. I was quickly corrected on that thought. This is one of those my buddy works with a guy who is in a local band who knows Godsized and just asked them to come up for a one-off gig. And my response was, “Godsized said yes?” Godsized, being the cool dudes they are, came up to the base to play for what amounted to be transportation costs which I could have paid for myself; that’s how low the fee was. How cool is that? It is obvious they just want to play for people who want to listen and I was thrilled to be part of the loud and supportive, albeit intimate, crowd.

The local guys, made up of my peers I never met, are in a cover band called Bob’s Your Uncle. They opened the evening to a bit of a sound production issue, but that was quickly resolved. We were entertained by some pretty great music; stuff from Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All, Stone Sour, Down, and even Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates.” My hats off to that one! A few people asked who Dimebag was; I filled them in on the details. Great job on the covers, guys! Bob’s Your Uncle was responsible for the invitation to Godsized for which I am thankful. During their set they asked if anyone knew Godsized. I think about five answered that question with either a “hell yeah” or devil horns raised high. I was one of them.

After both bands swapped instruments, Godsized hit the stage; the one that’s about 18 inches off the floor. No curtain drop, no light show, no dragons or fire balls. Just one little track-light above their head was all they had for…effect. You know what? They killed it! They sounded great despite a mostly house PA. They played like they were playing for 5,000 even though it was probably 200. Glen’s vocals were superb. The sound quality was much better than I expected for the location.

Though I am not entirely familiar with their catalog, Godsized did entertain us with “Brother in Arms,” “The Last Goodbye,” and “Head-Heavy“ all off their latest self-titled album. The set lasted about 45-50 minutes which was nothing to complain about. They belted out song after song. During their last song, they blew a fuse (so I was told) and lost the microphone. They finished their last song as an instrumental, said their thanks, and then hung out with the crowd. The best part of a show like this was that they hung out afterwards and were more than happy to take pictures and sign CDs and other things. Thanks to Gavin and Glen for my fan photos. It’s great to have explosions, fire, and smoke, but at the end of the day getting to meet the band and talk about metal was better than anything. Godsized is now on heavy rotation on my favorite electronic device. Great show chaps!

The picture to the right is me and bassist Gavin.

If you watch the video, just know there is nothing wrong with your sound.  It takes a bit before things kick in.

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  1. The Guy Downstairs

    Holy crap! That dude must be huge because you are a big guy yourself! Glad to hear RAFL got a helping of metal this weekend.

  2. Plantera7, It’s Scott, Singer/guitarist from Bob’s Your Uncle. Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate the Godsized fans being there! These guys deserve alot more success for sure! I originally saw them on the Black Label tour as well in Koln, Germany. Once I found out they were British, I looked them up and went to a show in London. I have seen them a total of 6 times, and they always are great to talk to and hang out with!! Again, glad you enjoyed the show, and here’s some History on Head Heavy; This is the 4th Venue they have killed the power with that song. I guess it’s just too Heavy! lol

    • Hey no problem man, I had a great time! That’s funny about Head-Heavy, perhaps that should never be an opener, I would hate to see the entire set get cut short. I think Gavin was a bit surprised that I walked up to him and told him I had seen them live before. As I mentioned before, I don’t think many people knew who they were, but after the show, I think they gained a few more fans.

      What kills me is all the complaining I hear from the youngsters on base that there is nothing to do. Why that place wasn’t packed is beyond me man. Anyway, I appreciate you working to get them up here it was mighty cool! It was a great experience.

  3. Sounds like it was a cool show and the bands are cool people. Gotta love those small intimate shows!
    I’ve heard of Godsized before but never checked them out (I really need to remove that phrase from my repitiore). After checking out the video you posted and a couple other tracks I can say they may have a new fan! I really dig the BLS/Black Sabbath/Clutch sound.
    And looks like the song selection of the opener cover band was damn cool. Down!! That’s a band I’ve never heard a cover band do before, and that is awesome! Out of curiosity, what song did they play?

  4. We did “Bury Me in Smoke”

  5. Pantera7… Aaron Bassist for Bob’s Your Uncle here. Thanks man!! I’m really glad everyone had a good time. Not many American’s have really heard of Godsized yet. I think the show was some good exposure for them… and they had a blast!!! They already have said they’d love to come back. And as you mentioned, they’re genuinely awesome people to hang out with. And as for us, thanks for the props… yes we like to cover things that not many bands will do. i.e. Down, Metallica’s 4 Horsemen and, not that we played it but, we even do a silly metal’d up version of Elton John’s Crocodile Rock lol. It’s all about making it fun for everyone who comes out to the shows.

  6. atleastimhousebroken, There is a video of us covering Down that night on our Facebook,!/BobsYourUncleUK

    I’m not trying to Hijack your Blog so feel free to delete this post once you have the link!

    • Dudes, great cover, awesome vocal work Scott!! Are you working on any original material or are you strictly covers?
      Do you have a link to your metal version of “Crocodile Rock”? I’d like to hear that.
      And don’t think of this as hijacking the blog, Metal State is the place to pass around good music, whether it’s your own or not 😉

    • Dude, we are all about metal here and love to chare/talk/discuss everything and anything that involves metal and all the sub genres therein. I tried to get a video of Godsized, but it was so damn dark. I wonder if the club would let you guys use the house dance lights next time. Speaking of next time, I see a date for late March with Aethara. I checked them out on YouTube, some pretty heavy stuff going on there. I look forward to it!

  7. No we have only done that one a couple times… we’ll have to get video next time we throw it in haha. I have quite a few originals and Scott does as well. The problem there is we’re never all together long enough to sit down and work them. All of us being military it’s hard enough to get together to hammer out covers. as it is we picked up our current drummer a few months ago but, he got a new assignment so we’ll need to find his replacement by this summer.

  8. And thanks housebroken… That was the first time playing that song at a gig.

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