Theme Thursday – Fan Videos: Pt. III

Continuing on with Fan Video series here are some more awesome music videos and tributes made by the fans.  A special thanks to all the budding video editors and at home music video directors, your love of the music video has provided me with countless hours of entertainment!  If you know of other great fan videos, let us know, we love watching them!!  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Blind Guardian – War of the Thrones

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the Game of Thrones series (along with the books) and Blind Guardian.  When I heard “War of the Thrones” the first time on At the Edge of Time I was quite ecstatic.  Now Youtube user Chaoticgreece has taken the song a step further and combined them into an awesome tribute video to Game of Thrones.  Bravo!

Moonsorrow – Varjonen virta

Youtube user 777mustaleski takes one of Moonsorrow‘s longest and best songs and with some great video images and great editing skills and imagination makes “Varjonen virta” even more beautiful.  Unfortunately part 4 of the video series was blocked due to a rights problem with National Geographic, but still this is some awesome work and still shouldn’t go unnoticed.

*shels – Butterflies on Luci’s Way

Another great editing job video, user BJzeppelin makes an endearing video with *shels “Butterflies on Luci’s Way” and tells a powerful story of love.  Enjoy!!

Monster Magnet – Cage around the Sun

As great as edit job fan videos are, it’s something special when someone goes out with their own camera and does everything from scratch themselves.  Here’s Skitchmagoo’s awesome interpretation of Monster Magnet‘s classic song “Cage Around the Sun” off the album Superjudge.

Mr. Bungle – “Pink Cigarette” “Retrovertigo” “Goodbye Sober Day”

These 3 videos are so well done that I could not post all three.  The first 2, “Pink Cigarette” and “Retrovertigo” are original works by Youtube user Tkan and are wonderfully insane and disturbing looks into the songs.  This guy really has great talent for this and it shows.  The third, “Goodbye Sober Day” is a perfect editing job that really makes sense of the abstract nature of the song.


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  1. There are some people out there with time on their hands. I would love to take the time to make a video with my own footage. I am not sure that will ever happen. I like the Game of Thrones video. I loved season one and can’t wait for the next one. Just got the first 4 books of the series in the mail today, so I have quite a supply of reading material to get through.

    The Mr. Bungle videos were pretty cool as well. Who would have thought Moonsorrow and National Geographic would work so well together? Good finds on your YouTube journey. Great post!

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