Do You Like Tool/A Perfect Circle and Opeth?

If you find yourself digging on bands like Tool and A Perfect Circle you need to know about Soen.  Check out the video below for “Savia” from their debut album Cognitive.  There is a heavy Maynard James Keenan influence in the music, almost to the point of a rip off, but damn, it’s awesome.  It’s not like we’re going to hear anything new from Tool for a while (I do hope I’m wrong about that one).  Oh, and this is the new home of ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and bassis Steve DiGiorgio of Testament/Death.  Expect a review of the album as soon as I get my hands on it which should be very soon.

Cognitive is going to be released Feb. 13, 2012 in Europe and is set to hit the States Feb. 21, 2012.

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  1. I’m only A Perfect Circle fan.

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