Monday Metal Madness – Grammy Awards

Last week’s “To The Oscars” poll was won by Alternate Reality for their video The King That Never Was.  Great job and thank you for taking the time to vote.  They pulled in 83% of the votes.

Grammy Season is coming. Whether you like the biased (did I just say that?) award shows or not, it’s nice to see at least some metal getting recognition they deserve. A Metal State of Mind is generally concerned with the category for Best Hardrock/Metal Performance although we wish the best of luck to all nominees in their respective categories.

This poll is based on the bands nominated for their work in 2011. You can catch the Grammy’s this year on 12 Feb 2012.  Of the following, who do you think SHOULD win Best Hardrock/Metal Performance? Try not to go from the heart here, but if that’s the case, it’s a free country…vote how you please. Enjoy!

In other Grammy news, some rock/metal artists were nominated for the following categories (and we wish them luck):

Best Surround Sound album – Steven Wilson for Grace for Drowning

Best Recording Package – Chickenfoot for Chickenfoot III

Best Rock Album – Foo Fighters for Wasting Light

Best Rock Song – Foo Fighters for Walk

Best Rock Performance – Foo fighters for Walk

I have a feeling Foo Fighters is going to walk away with at least one award. Good luck to them.

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  1. This one is kind of a no brainer for me. Dream Theater all the way. “On the Backs of Angels” is a great track and one of DT’s best. I also dug “Curl of the Burl”, but DT left a much bigger lasting impression on me.
    And what is it with the Grammys and the Foo Fighters, they’re a great band and all, but everything they do, the Grammy panel slobbers all over. Biased much? lol
    And it’s really cool to see Steven Wilson nominated. Makes me wish I had a killer surround sound system even more, lol.

    • It is for me also, but I still haven’t voted. On one hand, I think Megadeth deserves the accolade, but not for Public Enemy #1. They do deserve something though for what they have done for metal. The Grammys need a more well-defined category. They seem to have an eclectic mix of hard rock/metal within this category every year. And yes, the the Grammy voters seem to drool over Foo Fighters. Don’t get me wrong, they put out good music. Anyway, Dream Theater is well deserving and did a great job with their new album and selection of a stellar drummer.

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