This Storm is Quite Corrosive

With the amount of work that Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree) and Mikael Åkerfeldt (of Opeth) do on each others albums, many fans have said that they should just get together and make their own band.  Well, the two have done just that and formed the band Storm Corrosion.

Scheduled to be released by Roadrunner Records in April 2012 very little is known as both members have been quite tight-lipped on the details of the project.  If Steven Wilson’s latest solo album Grace for Drowning and Opeth‘s recent album Heritage are any indication of the direction both artists are heading in, I expect to hear a very unique and deep prog-rock/metal album overflowing with great songwriting and gushing with talent.  According to Storm Corrosion‘s Facebook page “Apart from Mikael and Steven, the album includes guest appearances by Gavin Harrison on drums/percussion, Ben Castle on woodwinds, and Dave Stewart on string arrangements.”

What do all you wonderful readers think about this project?  Are you hyped up as much as I am for this album?  Could you care less?  What are your expectations?  Let us know!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Photo’s from the Storm Corrosion Facebook page. Photo by Naki Kouyioumtzis. Copyright, all rights reserved 2012.

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  1. I’ve still got to check out the Steven Wilson solo album from last year (for some reason it never clicked that this was the Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree), but I am genuinely interested in this collaboration!


  2. I am definitely hyped up, but a little part of me is afraid that it could crash and burn bigtime. Could this be too much of a good thing? I am purchasing the day of release, no doubt about that. I just keep thinking of Portnoy and Adrenaline Mob. Anyway, enough negative thoughts! This is one I am not going to miss.

    Maybe that would be a good theme…collaborations that crashed and burned. And another one where they didn’t.

  3. @Dan- The new Steven Wilson is well worth checking out, especially if you enjoy Porcupine Tree and dug Heritage. His other solo album, Insurgents is really good too.

    @Plantera- I could be overhyping this, but I got a good feeling that it will turn out great, these 2 have worked together quite a bit.
    And a theme on the collaborations would be a great idea!!

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