Album Review- Mike Patton- The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Mike Patton’s latest work comes in the form of an album entitled The Solitude of Prime Numbers.  Within is music taken from the score of the Italian film La Solitudine dei Numeri Primi, which he scored, and also music inspired by the book of the same name which the film is based on.  Unfortunately, since I have yet to read this highly acclaimed book by Paolo Giordano nor see the film so I can not give you an honest opinion on whether the music does in fact capture the feel of the film and book.  I can, however, let you know that Mike Patton’s work on this release is well worth listening to.

The Solitude of Prime Numbers does what you would think that a movie score should.  It does an excellent job of building and maintaining atmospheres and this score utilizes many abstract sounds and ambient soundscapes to do so.  Also, like a good score there is a good and strong musical theme which starts off the album and continues throughout making appearances here and there to keep everything in check.

The music within could be described as haunting and very dreamy.  The various tracks just seem float around as the music passes through open and barren landscapes diving down here and there for a closer look with the occasional melody exploring various and random details.  At times the music is very celestial and at other times there are very Earthen colors.  All in all these different feels and atmospheres never collide and provided a very open and fluent listen.  If you happen to be a fan of Mr. Patton’s work you will find similar feels to his work on Mr. Bungle‘s California and Fantomas Suspended Animation, albeit, greatly toned down and sans vocals with the exception of the trademark, creepy as all hell, Mike Patton child-like “la la la” found in the scores main theme.

If you are already a fan of Mike Patton The Solitude of Prime Numbers is well worth checking out as it carries the stamp of high quality and delightful oddness that is found on everything he does.  It is also great to be able to listen to Mr. Patton’s work from yet another angle as he explores the realm of film.  If you enjoy atmospheric and ambient music you will also appreciate this album with its great pacing and dreamy feel.  I enjoyed listening to this and will pop it in whenever I need some music to completely space out to in solitude with.


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  1. I feel like I should know more about Mike Patton and I am embarrassed that I don’t. I do now, but I have been definitely missing out. Great review, you described the song perfectly. I can imagine what the rest of the score sounds like. Very much worth checking out!

    • Mike Patton is one of those love him or hate him artists. The soundtrack is well worth listening to if that sample track interested you. If you ever decide to start getting into Patton’s work, past all Faith No More, I would recommend checking out California by Mr. Bungle for an intro into his odder side and for something that really shows of his vocal capabilities and is more contemporary, Mondo Cane (which is covers of Italian pop songs from the 50’s and 60’s).
      And don’t be embarrassed, there’s so much out there one’s bound to miss something here and there.

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