Mike Patton to Score Another Film, The Place Beyond the Pines

Well ain’t this a coincidence.  Mike Patton is featured as the Song of the Week today and then as I’m still listening to The Solitude of Prime Numbers soundtrack which he scored I stumble across the news that he will be scoring the soundtrack to yet another movie, The Place Beyond the Pines.  This will be the third feature full length movie that Mr. Patton has scored (the other being Crank 2: High Voltage, watch it, it’s, it’s, I don’t know, it’s crazy, but a damn fun time, and the soundtrack really fits the film).  It seems as if he has a knack for doing this kind of work and enjoys doing it.

According to IMDB The Place Beyond the Pines is about “A motorcycle stunt rider considers committing a crime in order to provide for his wife and child, an act that puts him on a collision course with a cop-turned-politician.”  The film will be directed by Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine, which I haven’t seen, but have heard is really, really good) and will star Ryan Gosling (Drive, Blue Valentine), Eva Mendes (The Spirit), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) and Bradley Cooper (The Hangover).  Interesting cast to say the least.  The film is also being shot in Schenectady, NY where the town’s name translates to “The Place Beyond the Pines” in the Native American Mohawk Tribe language.  Schenectady is also the resting place of one of my all-time favorite authors Kurt Vonnegut.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this film.  It is slated to be released in 2012.

And according to Metalsucks.net, “[Director] Cianfrance recently completed production on a film called Metalhead, ”the story of a heavy metal drummer who blows his eardrums out and must learn to adapt to a world of silence.” That films stars the always-awesome Jucifer as a fictional version of themselves. While that doesn’t tell us anything about Pines, it reinforces my suspicion that Cianfrance has good taste.”

And while I’m on the Mike Patton in entertainment subject I’ll also note that he will also be reprising his role as the voice of the major character The Darkness in the upcoming sequel, The Darkness II, to be released worldwide Feb. 10, 2012.  The first game was great, and going by all the info I’ve been able to squeeze out about this upcoming game, this should also be a big time winner.

Peace Love and Metal!!


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  1. Blue Valentine was amazing, really excited for a Place Beyond the Pines. should be great!

  2. Keep the Patton love coming! I’m probably going to have to dig out all my Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Tomahawk, Fantomas… well, you get the idea.

  3. I didn’t realize Patton was such a busy guy. I saw Blue Valentine and thought it was a good movie. I also like Gosling…I look forward to the new project. The Darkness looks like an interesting game that takes some time to complete.

    I read Galapagos by Vonnegut. Do you recommend anything else to read?

    • Galapagos was a great book, before I go crazy with the Vonnegut can of worms, the best ones to check out are The Sirens of Titan (one of my all time favorite books), Cat’s Cradle, and his most well know book, Slaughterhouse 5.
      Yeah, Patton is quite a busy man and rather spread out with his projects, even a big fan such as myself has a hard time keeping up.
      If I see Blue Valentine at the movie store I might have to grab it.

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