Monday Metal Madness: Max Cavalera

Max Cavalera certainly has been busy over the years.  Would you say he watered himself down, can’t find himself, has ADD, or is a musical genius?  Some say Sepultura crashed and burned when he left and took the band’s identity with him.  Other say Cavalera Conspiracy is the new Sepultura…or what Sepultura should be today.  Soulfly, of course, is somewhere in the middle.  Or perhaps you like (Derrick Green) Sepultura better than all of this. Have you ever heard of Nailbomb?  Given the choices, which incarnation of Cavalera do you like the best, if any?  Have you seen any of these bands live?  Your vote doesn’t necessarily have to be based on the video.  These are just here for reference.  Happy voting!


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  1. Great poll!!
    I’ll have to go with Sepultura with this one, even though I almost did choose Soulfly. Sepultura were one of the most exciting thrash bands of their time and albums like Beneath the Remains and Chaos AD will go down as some of the best albums of the era.

  2. This was a hard one to pick, for me! Soulfly was one of my earliest metal bands and I have huge soft spot for them. In the end though, Chaos A.D. was the deciding factor and I went with Max lead Sepultura. One of the best albums ever!

    As for Cavalera Conspiracy… well… the hype was never warranted in my mind. And I have no animosity towards Green led Sep. I think they have released some killer albums in the past few years!

    • Thanks for checking out the poll. I appreciate the comment that it was a tough pick. That’s what I try to do with these and it seemed to work. I try not to make it too one sided and easy. It was even tough for me, but I have a soft spot actually for Dead Embryonic Cells…so it’s classic Sepultura. Cavalera Conspiracy is cool in their own right, but not lived up to the hype. Some cool tracks yes, but as a whole, not very exciting. I would still go seem them because you know they will play Sepultura stuff. Soulfly did when I saw them a couple years ago. They played Roots. It was a sweet deal.

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