Matt’s(Atleastimhousebroken) Top 5 Music Video’s of 2011

Since their major breakthrough in the 80’s I have always been a fan of the music video as I sat in front of the T.V. watching the MTV.  Unfortunately, nowadays one can not find many music videos on the television anymore, let alone metal videos.  But, with this great thing called the internet the music video is as strong as ever with sites such as Youtube allowing fans to watch what video they want, when they want, and how many times they want.  Here are my Top 5 favorite music videos from 2011.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

5: Alestorm- “Shipwrecked”

Alestorm never fail to tickle my funny bone.  Pirates, keytars, midgets, and rum are a cocktail for some great laughs.  Combine all that with their killer and super catchy song “Shipwrecked” you got yourself a winning music video.

4: Devin Townsend Project- “Juular”

I love it when a video really captures the feel of the song in both mood and lyrical content.  The speeding train and the Devin dressed up as the crazy old guy capture the insanity of the song and the mellow Devin captures the contrast in the tune.  And there’s a cameo from Ziltoid.

3: Opeth- “The Devil’s Orchard”

Opeth never fail to impress.  Instead of going with a bleaker video as they usually do, they add tons of color to the darkness and add the celluloid inspiration of the time period Heritage takes inspiration from.  The video is filled with all sorts of symbolism and I particularly like the nod to The Seventh Seal.

2: Ghost Brigade “Clawmaster”

Not only is “Clawmaster” one of my favorite songs of the year, the video is also a beast.  The great use of black and white really capture the mood and lyrical content of the song, and that ending is so powerful and awesome.

1: Steven Wilson- “Track One”

I could cheat here and put all three of Steven Wilson’s videos off of Grace for Drowning on here, but I won’t.  Of all three the clip for “Track One” is by far my favorite and favorite video of the year.  It is so simple, yet so terrifying.  The song is great, the photography is great, the concept is great.  Director Lasse Hoile really outdid himself on this one.


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  1. Nice list! I wasn’t too impressed with the Opeth one, but I think it’s a unique concept (at least unique in 2011). Oh and Alestorm, FTW!


  2. Damn, I forgot about Alestorm. That’s a good one. I don’t know much about Devin Townsend, but for some reason I think 5 minutes alone talking with him would be a memorable experience. That Steven wilson video is so simple, yet so powerful. Sometimes you don’t really need high-production theatrics to get your meaning across. Of course, I liked Opeth, it was one of mine as well. Great list!

    • I read an interview with Steven Wilson and he said one of his goals is to score a film. I think he would be outstanding at that, and if he were to work with the director of his music videos, Lasse Hoile, man, that would be something awesome.

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