Album Review(kinda)- Korn- Path of Totality

So yesterday, a long time buddy of mine mentioned he was going to go listen to the new Korn album, Path to Totality.  I had not really paid any mind to Korn in quite a long time and don’t think they put anything of interest out since their second album, Life is Peachy.  But, I had heard that they were doing some experimenting and working with dubstep artists and the idea of the album caught my attention(mainly because they were trying something new).  So, when my buddy mentioned he was going to listen to it I asked him to give me his good, unbiased, and honest thoughts on it.  I always trust my friend’s comments on music as he has a keen ear for picking up on some great stuff that is usually outside of what I usually like, so I was going to decide to listen or not listen to it based on his reaction.  Looks like I will be taking a pass on this album.  His review of the album is below in pictorial format for easy analysis on whether or not you want to give this one a spin.  Enjoy!!  And if you would be so cool, check out my buddy Lepreemo’s Youtube page for all kinds of neat videos and shenanigans!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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  1. Thats a brilliant review, your friend rocks 🙂

  2. Lovin’ it. I could write stuff about it but it really just would circle back to the entire band aside from jon davis was replaced by a computer and its not even a korn album anymore. its a dubstep compilation pretty much with davis feature vocals and i dont hear ANY bass whatsoever that isn’t the sound of a reggae horn or the typical hZ sound of the bass. I enjoy pretty lights and dj fresh and the whole UKDS scene more than most but this was just rushed garbage juice. I was going to find a picture of that as well at one point, but i could not be bothered with another minute on that hi tech picture review i already submitted.

    • I am not surprised Korn would do something like this. It seems right up their alley. I probably won’t get around to listening to much more of it; I am not into dub mixes pretty much of any kind. I can just imagine people dancing to Korn in clubs now. Five Finger Death Punch had some dub shit on their bonus CD of American Capitalist and it wasn’t very good either. I must be stuck in my metalhead ways, but if Korn can reproduce something they did from their first two albums, I would be more interested. Wonderful photo journalism though!

  3. I kind of liked Korn and I usually like dubstep, but man, I listened to the album preview and it is boooring…

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