Monday Metal Madness – Mangini Vs. Portnoy

Last week’s Monday Metal Madness resulted in a win for Sweden’s Opeth over touring buddies Pain of Salvation.  Both equally talented bands, but someone has to win.  Now, on with this week’s battle!

The dust has settled and we have all had sufficient time to absorb A Dramatic Turn of Events.  This leaves us with one question.  Do you like the new and improved Dream Theater with Mike Mangini on the drums or do you sit and wait patiently in hopes of a triumphant return of Mike Portnoy? Here are a couple of videos to help you decide.

Mike Mangini

Mike Portnoy

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  1. I think I will have to go with Mangini on this one. I find that both are equally talented and there’s no denying their amazing skills on the kit. But I do find that Portnoy has lost a bit of his drive, which you can see comparing something like Systematic Chaos to Scenes From A Memory. I also like the spreading out of writing duties that has happened since Portnoy left the band. Dream Theater is a Progressive metal bands, so I want to hear them Progress. Mangini has brought a lot to the table and reinvigorated the band. I think sometime in the future Portnoy may do a couple reunion shows with them and that would be pretty neat, but I would much rather have Mangini in the band permanently working with them on future albums. One very long chapter in DT has closed and now it’s time to enjoy the next that Mangini has ushered in.
    Great Poll!!

  2. Bit of an unfair comparison in a way, pitting one of DT’s weakest tracks (imo) the awful ‘Rite Of Passage’ against ‘…Angels’ which totally rocks but there you go. Had you picked ‘Lines In The Sand’ or ‘Blind Faith’ my vote would have been harder. I agree with atleastimhousebroken, though – Portnoy’s departure/Mangini’s arrival has been a breath of fresh air to DT. It’s not so much a case of him being a better player, it’s just the dynamic has changed and the whole band has raised its game.

  3. I thought about the comparison, but then I thought I should go with the law of recency…what we remember of Portnoy as he departed. I also voted for Mangini. He brought Dream Theater right back on track. I hope Portnoy can go and do something good or maybe make Transatlantic full-time or something…

    I like the new and improved Dream Theater though. And like housebroken, I do like the fact that the rest of the band is more involved in the creativity department.

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