Video of the Week-Tragedy’s A Comin’

Fresh off the boat Primus serve up a tasty dish of celluloid for your veiwing pleasure.  Their new video is for the song “Tragedy’s A Comin'” and it’s off their latest released Green Naugahyde.  Not much to say other than it’s Primus doing what Primus does best, making awesomely weird videos.  This time you get a spaceman, Les in a lobster costume, and some snobs eating at a highclass restaurant(reminded me a bit too much of my first job as a prep bitch at a classy seafood place).  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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  1. That lobster looked delicious; reminds me of New England. The real lobster, not Les. I wonder what I would ever say to Les if I had the chance to meet him. I think I would be like “Sup dude.” I can’t imagine ever coming up with anything creative enough to say to him to have him raise an eyebrow. You can always count on Primus to do something interesting. As strange as their videos are, they keep you watching.

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