Exploring New Things-Ghost Brigade & Tombs

I came across these two bands some days ago browsing a blog that I frequent(D.C. Metal Review).  Ghost Brigade I have heard of in the past but for some reason never got around to giving them a listen, kinda kicking myself for that now.  They are spectacular.  On one end they have a side that reminds me of Isis and another that feels reminiscent of Alice in Chains more melancholic side(songs like “Brother” and “Down in a Hole”).  They have a new album out called Until Fear No Longer Defines Us and after my first preview listen, I have to say, it’s a damn solid release with a great blend of heaviness, atmosphere, melancholy, and beauty.  They also have a video for the song “Clawmaster” which is off the new release and it’s one hell of a cool video, check it out, and do yourself a favor, bump it up to 720p, it’s worth it.

The other band I listened to was a band I have never heard before called Tombs.  These guys also have a new album out called Path of Totality.  They got a great mix of black, death, and atmospheric metal and it makes for a pretty intense listen.  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the full album.  Here’s a dizzying video of them performing 2 songs off the latest release, “Vermillion” and “Path of Totality”, live.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!


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