Over the past week A Metal State of Mind has undergone some renovations and I’m quite happy with the way things turned out.  Some older stuff was updated some new stuff was added and all in all I think the blog looks pretty cool now and is a bit easier to navigate and find stuff from album reviews to older posts.  There are probably a few tweaks to be made, but for the most part all the heavy lifting is done.  Hope you enjoy the new layout.  If you have compliments, grievances, or suggestions(ranging from layout of the site to types of posts we do) let us know, we like getting your feedback.

There has also been an increase in the amount of readers, subscribers, and Facebook likes, and to all of you who are new aboard I’d like to say thanks for stopping by and checking out what we have to say.  Welcome Aboard!!!  And to all of you who have been reading us since the beginning, another big thanks for sticking around!!!  It’s great having you.

Big ol’ metal bro hug to you all!!!!

Peace Love and Metal,

Atleastimhousebroken(AKA Matt)

About RiffRaff

Just takin' it easy for all you sinners.

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