Video of the Week- Juular

I gotta give the person in charge of make-up mad props for his work in this video.  At first I didn’t realize that the crazy old man wasn’t just some bum they picked up off the side of the road and paid $50 to do a silly dance, but it is Devin Townsend.  Making a guest appearance is someone Devin Townsend fans will recognize immediately.

“Juular”, in case you’re wondering what it means, “Started as ‘Jugular’ till [Devin Townsend] messed up the spelling, then decided it would be a good name for a fictional religious fanatic who spends his life in penance not due to appreciation of the infinite, but more based on the need to be right.”

So, about the video, my call on it is the old man is the Devin used to be, the wild and must know the answers to everything side.  The Devin in the suit is him now and represents his calm, cool, and collected side.  In the video it is a confrontation of the two sides of him and in the end the more mature part, smiles, says thanks for the fun, and walks away keeping composure in his trip to visit his insanity one last time.  Or…  The old man represents an all knowing god and he is pissed that Juular has reached a personal tranquility and has no need of him anymore and is comfortable with the unknown.  What’s your call?

This is the first video off of The Devin Townsend Project‘s latest album Deconstruction.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do so, as of right now it’s in the lead for my favorite album of this year and the more I listen to it the more I love it.  It’s serious, it’s funny, it’s insightful, it’s loony, and has a full choir singing about a cheeseburger.

If you do decide to purchase Deconstruction check out the dual pack that comes included with the sister album Ghost.  The two albums are polar opposites, the storm and the calm, and they compliment each other perfectly.  While it’s a far cry from metal, Ghost is a great relaxing album and well worth the few extra bucks for the dual pack(hell, I’d even pay full price for it).  Here’s the title track off Ghost.

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  1. It seems like the ol’ dude, who I never would’ve realised was Devin, is the heart of the train, he’s powering it by blowing into that tube . And his lady-friend is there just to keep his mind on the job, representing whoever’s keeping him there. Maybe the devil or somebody, representing Devin / Juular and his quest! Yeah, deep!

    Maybe blowing into the tube is a metaphor for Devin singing and keeping the show on the road. And Ziltoid got a job as driver, purely for the lulz!

    Not a massive fan of metal, but my ex-boyfriend is, and recommended to my friend that I showed him some Devin. And that’s the video that happened to be on my disk. Awesomely enough!

    I’ve heard some of Ziltoid, too. Dunno that all of Devin’s work is as great as this vid / song. He looks better without the hair, it was thinning before. Gives him a sort-of Crowley-esque look, I think they both have quite angular heads.

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