Evile – Five Serpent’s Teeth – Album Review

If you can manage to lay aside Machine Head for a minute you might want to check out the new Evile album, Five Serpent’s Teeth.  British thrashers have released their 3rd studio album in just about 4-years.  Their first, Enter the Grave released in 2008, followed by Infected Nations in 2009.

With each release, Evile improved in both sound and technique.  Five Serpent’s Teeth demonstrates the band’s growth despite it being such a short time since their first release.  From the opening title track, Five Serpent’s Teeth, through the end of the album you get speed, thrash, ferocity, and melody all wrapped up into their best release to date.

The thing I like best about Evile is that they remind of me old-school metal; specifically, the likes of Exodus, Testament, and Overkill; the very early years.  Not that they ripped off those early 80’s elements, but Evile is just hard-hitting and to the point while also sounding raw and harsh.  However, Five Serpent’s Teeth sounds as if it could have been released in the early 80’s, but remastered for today’s recording standard.  I guess that is the best way to describe them which is very much a compliment.

Five Serpent’s Teeth is going to let the metal community know that Evile is here to stay.  They aren’t just going to be another metal band out there; they will be taking the scene by storm.  Already appearing at major U.K. and European festivals, Evile’s popularity is on the rise.  Five Serpent’s Teeth shreds from beginning to end and will surely appease your metal appetite.  Check it out!

I give Evile’s Five Serpent’s Teeth 5 Devil Horns.

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  1. Loving the tracks you put on here, I will be getting this one, wanted it for a while but broke but its on the list.

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