Friday Night Video Fight – Five Finger Death Punch Vs. Evile

Five Finger Death Punch has pretty much established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.  They rock their live performances as they intertwine Scandinavian melody with American Thrash.  Not too many bands do it quite like 5FDP.  Most of their videos are serious, except for their latest Under and Over it, which is built around sarcasm and chock full of cleavage and butt-cracks; nice ones though.  Under and Over it is the first track off their forthcoming release American Capitalist due out on October 11, 2011. 

British thrashers Evile have also released their first video for Cult off their forthcoming release Five Serpents Teeth out on September 26,2011. Evile is making a name for themselves outside of the United Kingdom appearing at the summer festivals around Europe and also touring the U.S.  Five Serpents Teeth is Evile’s third release and they are proving to grow musically with each album.  If you don’t find yourself headbanging to this…you might need to re-evaluate your status as a metal fan.  Evile is embarking on a 19-date tour of the UK to include one stop in Ireland.  Be sure to catch them because I think I already missed the boat on that one. 

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  1. The Evile video is cheesy as hell, but damn cool. I really want that to be my visualization on my WinAmp. That’s a cool B.C. Rich the guitarist is playing, of all the loud gaudy guitars out there they do make some cool looking ones. The song is pretty cool too, I dig it. It’s got that heavy Metallica vibe to it with a dash of Alice in Chains, I’m looking forward to hearing the full album.

  2. The Five Finger Death Punch video is better

  3. Yeah I am not necessarily against gratuitous T & A in videos, but I am glad 5FDP took the scarcasm approach to that style of music video. I think they are too serious a band to get that cheesy.

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