Iron Maiden – Concert Review – London, 6 Aug 2011

The final show of the Final Frontier World Tour may as well have been the last show on Earth.  If someone told me that this was the last concert I would ever see; I would say that it was a great run and it couldn’t have ended better!  Iron Maiden shattered all of my expectations.  Maiden is probably the one band I have wanted to see for 20+ years and my wishes finally came true.  I just never had the chance to see them before and to see them on their home turf in London made my Maiden experience that much more special.

First of all, the venue (The O2) is a great place to see a major concert.  It is a clean venue, relatively new, and is lined (on the inside) with a wide variety of places to eat so that you can make more of an evening out of it.  There was plenty of room to move around and even though my seat was in the nose-bleeds, it was a great view.  The sound was excellent and friggin loud.  I never thought it would be so loud for a show in such a large arena, but it all worked out quite well.

Trivium opened the show and received a warm welcome.  I would say about more than half of the capacity crowd showed up early to catch their set which must have been great for the Tampa, Florida boys.  Trivium played three songs from their forthcoming release (due next week); In Waves, Built to Fall, and Black.  Of the three, I only previously heard In Waves which is what they opened the show with.  The crowd was very receptive to Trivium; I think they are well liked in England.  Trivium rocked some of their older tunes such as Down from the Sky; Throes of Perdition; A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation; Like Light to the Flies; and Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr.  Their 45-minute set went quick as far as I’m concerned, but it was still a treat to see a quality opener for a major band.  It was like seeing little brother open for big brother.

Iron Maiden’s stage set was nothing short of elaborate as would be expected.  The stage was decked out in Final Frontier fashion (space set) with revolving backdrops for all of the older songs.  Iron Maiden opened with the absolutely wonderful noisy Satellite 15…The Final Frontier followed by El Dorado.  After the start with new material they went right into Two Minutes to Midnight, an obvious crowd favorite.  I have to say I am a little embarrassed that I did not recognize all of Maiden’s new material from Final Frontier.  I think there were four songs played from the new album which I instantly recognized three of them.  Maiden also treated the crowd to Coming Home; another new track from Final Frontier.

It was Maiden’s classic tracks that had the crowd screaming at Bruce Dickinson’s requests (“Scream for me London”).  I have to say that at least two songs sent chills down my spine; Hallowed Be Thy Name and Fear of the Dark.  I have been dying to hear Fear of the Dark ever since it was first recorded live way too long ago…I think it was Rock in Rio or something like that.

Maiden also treated us to The Evil That Men Do, The Number of the Beast, and The Trooper.  As Iron Maiden began the show with their newest material; the closed the show with their oldest material in the form of Running Free.

My night with metal gods Iron Maiden (and Eddie) and special guests Trivium was fantastic and will be one of many shows I will remember from here to eternity 😉

Here are a few videos I took of the show; two Trivium songs, Black and Built to Fall, and Iron Maiden’s Two Minutes to Midnight.

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  1. I’m envious of you, that first Maiden experience is something unlike anything else in the world, and you got to see them in their hometown!!! It’s amazing how much energy they put into their shows, I have yet to see a band top an Iron Maiden experience(Blind Guardian came close). You got some great vids and some amazing pics for being in the nosebleeds. That’s one thing I like about arena shows, never a bad seat in the house and it’s something else when the whole crowd is chanting the leads to the songs. Funny that you mention the chills from “Hallowed be thy Name” and “Fear of the Dark”, I had the same thing when I saw Maiden for the first time, they are definitely the strongest concert memories that have stuck with me. Did they play Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” at the end of the show, they always did when I saw them in the states. Up the Irons!!!!!!!!!!!

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