Video of the Week – Double Dip

Since Machine Head’s new album, Unto The Locust (extended edition) will have two cover songs, I want to honor those bands for whom Machine Head is covering.  Since MH did an excellent job covering The Police (Message in a Bottle) and Iron Maiden (Hallowed be thy Name), I am excited to hear new cover tunes of Rush (Witch Hunt) and Judas Priest (The Sentinel).  Here is a double shot of Rush and Judas Priest for this week’s Video of the Week – Double Dip.  I hope you had a great week.

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Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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  1. Machine Head is going to be covering Rush, that is so awesome. I have faith in them to be able to pull that off, hell they tore that Police song apart, something no other metal band could have done. I’m surprised there aren’t a lot of Rush covers being done in the prog metal scene given that along with Pink Floyd, they were the biggest influences on modern prog.

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