Life of Agony Calls it…

This could be the end for Life of Agony fans as the band wraps up its final shows in Europe.  After 20 years, the Brooklyn metal quartet are calling it quits…or are they?  One might think it would be due to musical difference, time, or just old age, but in this case singer Keith Caputo will make the transformation to pre-op transsexual.  Whether Life of Agony will continue with the female version of Keith Caputo is uncertain.  I would imagine it would be unlikely.

In case you didn’t know Life of Agony did have a stint with another singer, Ugly Kid Joe’s Whitfield Crane.  Whether or not Life of Agony will continue is as much as mystery to me as I’m sure it is to you.  If you are a Life of Agony fan I thought you would like to know.

Thanks to my bud Mike for forwarding me this story.

Here are some other links to this story and some videos of Life of Agony and Keith Caputo’s solo career for you to enjoy.


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  1. Well, that came out of left field!! I love me some LOA, I saw them live some years ago and Keith was really charismatic and sang damn good. Never really listened to his solo stuff. I wish him all the best, what ever makes him happy. Too bad that no matter how advanced science is now, his river will never run red. (sorry, couldn’t help myself, the pun writes itself, lol)

  2. Great job, Reg! Wow, even a Whitfield Crane reference!

  3. Yeah remember we saw LOA with both Caputo (Providence) and then later with Crane in Worcester when they opened for Anthrax…that all day festival thingy we went to. Clutch, Sevendust, Drain STH, Life of Agony were all there…don’t ask how I remember all that…

    Best of luck to Keith. I hope all that hormone replacement doesnt mess with voice…except for the femininity part. I his future self can still sing.

  4. I came across this video on MetalSucks. If anything it seems the rest of LOA have still accepted him, and as of the other day, he can still sing damn well. So, if his voice isn’t effected, LOA should go on to do the occasional shows as they’ve been doing. Another thing I’ve noticed is how supportive the metal community has been of him.

  5. I did notice the amount of support from the metal fans; rare if any negative comments at all.I am not sure when the hormone replacement starts in this whole process. From what I have seen on the discovery channel, the normal process before the actual surgical transformation is to act and dress like a woman for a year. There may be some small surgical procedures in the process such as breast implants etc. Then after a year the big surgery then hormones for the rest of his (her) life. I am wondering if during that long process if his vocal cords will change since he will then have a feminine voice. Maybe he will blog about it on his website.

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