Sepultura – Kairos – Album Review

Oops, I did it again!  It has nothing to do with Britney Spears.  I mean, I bought another Sepultura album.  It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but since Max Cavalera left the band over a decade ago, Sepultura just isn’t the splendor of a metal band they once were, in my humble opinion.  Let me explain…

Sepultura is one of those bands where their lead singer had such a presence behind the mic and on guitar that when he left, he took the feel and attitude with him.  Look at this way…could you imagine Megadeth, Metallica, or Motorhead with a different singer?  No! I don’t care who you are it just wouldn’t work and I think Sepultura was one of those bands.  I am also not saying that Max Cavalera was the greatest thing since electricity either.  He is just Max, but a prominent former member of a great thrash band.

The Brazilian thrashers should have done what remaining Rage Against the Machine members did when vocalist de la Rocha left the band; change their name and start over.  I am not saying Andreas, Paulo Jr. and Igor should have changed their sound when Derrick Green took over the mic in Sepultura, but just changed their name.  I think the fans speak for themselves and to illustrate my point…when Max created Soulfly, their album debut sold more albums that Sepultura’s debut with Derrick Green on vocals.  Max’s name alone carried with it more weight than the remaining members of Sepultura.  I suppose money isn’t everything though, and Sepultura is doing just fine for themselves and that is okay with them.

On the flip side, both of Max Cavalera’s other bands Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy sound too much like classic Sepultura, also not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, when I saw Soulfly last year they performed two classic Sepultura songs that were well-received more than Soulfly’s own material.  Just sayin…

I have bought most of Sepultura’s post-Max Cavalera albums except A-lex and Roorback.  For the most part, the albums are okay.  They put out some decent stuff over the years since Green has been singing.  I have just never been floored by any of those albums as I was for Arise and Chaos AD.

Kairos (Greek word for an undetermined period of time where something special happens) is Sepultura’s latest release and 12th studio album which was released in June 2011.  I went into Kairos with an open mind after three spins I will say this…it is their best release since the departure of Max Cavalera!  Kairos holds its weight from start to finish.

The song Spectrum kicks things off with a simple yet catchy riff that repeats throughout the song.  Not too heavy, slow, nor fast.  It’s the kind of opening song that builds up for track #2 KairosKairos would make a good opener for a show.  It starts off with slow heavy rhythm, leading into double bass drum, and (sort of) spoken lyrics.  After about ¾ through the song the signature Sepultura sound kicks in and it’s game on.

Other tracks on Kairos that caught my ear are Mask – a heavy-thrash song; Born Strong – A brutal and classic sounding Sepultura song; and No One Will Stand – a pit-worthy speed metal song.

If you happen to pick up the special edition album, you will be treated with two cover tunes that make the special edition worth listening to.  The first one is a Ministry cover of Just One Fix and the other is The Prodigy cover of Firestarter.

I give Sepultura’s Kairos 3.7 Devil Horns.

Here is a really cool fan video for Kairos.

Same song live, but from a drumming perspective

Fan Video for Mask


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  1. I picked up the post-Max Septultura album when it came out(can’t remember what it was called) and never really got into it and then they completely fell off my radar. You’re right, they should have changed names. A big part of why I listened to them was because of Max, he made them sound so tribal and primitive(and is the reason why Soulfly worked).
    My interest is sparked in this, I’ll have to check it out sooner or later. The covers sound interesting too.

  2. I have to say, I am a big Derek fan, I like Max too but Derek’s voice is so good on this album, I am listening to it a lot and I really think that this is one of the best albums of the year for me, along with The Hunter from Mastodon and Unto the Locust from Machine Head and Age of Hell from Chimara. But I do love this album loads.

    It is different from the Max era but I think that it stands up on its own and is not any worse than the older stuff, its just different. I am hoping to catch these guys live. I loved the edition of the CD I got as it had the bonus cover tracks plus a DVD which showed the guys working on the album and they are so tight and relaxed, one thing I am gutted over was the drummer leaving as he is epic.

  3. I have just Chaos AD and Roots and love especially Roots for the tribal thing (Why isn’t there more music like that?). Of the Sepultura with Derek I knew just a few songs. In my opinion they are good, not less not more. I saw them two tímes live. They were good but all the people seemed to wait for the old stuff.
    It would be better to have changed the name, but back then it mabye wasn’t that foreseeable how things worked out.
    At last I need to mention the best thing of the split of Max and Sepultura. That’s the U2 cover song they made. Bullet the blue sky is in their version one off my alltime favorite songs! I’ve listend to it a thousand times and it never gets boring. Dereks hoarse sounding voice, Iggors precise drumming, the hole clear and hard sound. Just great 🙂

    • I saw Soulfly a couple years ago and they did a couple of Sepultura songs Roots and Attitude. The crowd pretty much went nuts. I wonder what the original Sepultura would have become if they stayed together? What do you think of Cavalera Conspiracy? If you want more tribal stuff, take a listen to Soulfly’s earliest albums if you haven’t done so yet.

      • I have the Dark Ages album. You’re right I maybe should get some of the other albums. Strangely I have read about Cacalera Conspiracy but not checked them out. Can’t remember if there was a reason or I just forgot. Maybe I wanted to check first the Sepultura Classics like Beneath the remains and Arise, what I still haven’t done yet.
        Seems like I got stuff to do 🙂

  4. This isn’t an album review at all. This is a perspective on Max Cavalera’s departure (a VERY old story, even Igor leaving is more interesting now). It doesn’t even discuss the album once!


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