Plantera7’s Top-10 of 2011 So Far

This year has been great for metal and I feel the best is yet to come later in the year, namely September 2011.  Housebroken did a great job outlining his top-10 for the first half of 2011.  Let’s see how die-hard metal fans tastes compare and contrast.  Here is my top 10 for 2011, January through June.  I will keep this relatively short since I will be posting a full report on the Big Four sometime this weekend.

10.  Children of Bodom – Relentless Reckless Forever

Children of Bodom have regained some lost ground with their latest release Relentless Reckless Forever.  Despite some song titles that could use a little more work, Children of Bodom has some hard-hitting and riff-heavy tunes that even a seasoned Children of Bodom fan will find pleasurable to listen to.


 9.  Queensryche – Dedicated to Chaos

This latest installment from Seattle’s Queensryche is not their best effort, but the songs are catchy in a more pop-kind of feel.  The album pretty good and worth the purchase if you are a Queensryche fan as much as I am.  This album is especially good if you feel you want to tone things down a bit for while.  The lyrics are simple and that is the biggest turn off for me.  Otherwise, not bad.


 8.  Stratovarius – Elysium

These guys have been around a while, but they are new to me. I find their formula of metal and melody to be just right and makes for a great listen if you want something heavy and to snap your fingers to at the same time.


7.  DevilDriver – Beast

Beast shreds and there is no other way to describe DevilDriver.   With this band you know what you are going to get from their albums and their shows.  They start and do not let up for a minute.  Beast is a strong DD album and worth of adding to your collection.


 6.  Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

I only started appreciating Foo Fighters in the last year or two when I actually took the time to listen to them.  I always dismissed them as Nirvana part II, but never really gave them the time of day.  Wasting Light has been a treat to listen to and I see the talent in Dave Grohl.  Foo Fighters will be something I turn to regularly in the future.


5.  Amorphis – The Beginning of Times

Another band that is new to my life; Amorphis hit the nail with the hammer on The Beginning of Times.  The vocals are haunting yet brutal at times.  The riffs and melody keep me wanting to hear more.


 4.  Arch Enemy – Khaos Legions

I may have rated Arch Enemy’s Khaos Legions higher than I should have on my review, but that does not mean their music doesn’t kick ass.  Arch Enemy does rock and this album is no different, but compared to other Arch Enemy albums, it’s mostly the same melodic riffs and growls you hear from other albums, but perhaps a bit refreshed.  That is not a knock on the band by any means.  Khaos Legions is Arch Enemy as you know them.


 3.  Evergrey – Glorious Collision

Yet another new band in my life (Seems to be a theme this year with me).  Evergrey reminds me a lot of Kamelot which makes it no surprise that these two bands would tour together like they did earlier this year.  There are some haunting songs on Glorious Collision that I find myself listening to several times in a row.  All in all a good album, but the songs on here I do like, I like a lot.  They get played multiple times when I am on an Evergrey kick.


2.  Symphony X – Iconoclast

As you might have guessed another new entry in my digital library. I  knew these guys existed, but not to this extent.  Iconoclast kicks ass through and through and will more than likely remain on this list through December 2011.  When All is Lost is just an amazing song and the rest of the album is stellar from start to finish.  The only bummer is that the entire album will not fit on one CD.  So I haven’t listened to this in my car yet.


  • I doubt this is  an official band video, but it works

1.  Amon Amarth – Surter Rising

I have yet to be unimpressed with Amon Amarth.  Surter Rising had me at AAAAAARRRRRRHHHHHHHGGGGG!  If you want to get kicked in the gut and punched in the face then put this album on for a listen.  It’s so good it hurts…if that makes any sense.  The riffs and melodic death is just music to my ears.


Other albums worth mentioning for 2011 so far are Whitesnake, Between the Buried and Me, The Bronx Casket Company, Cavalera Conspiracy, Within Temptation, and Black Label Society. All of these albums made great contributions to metal, but the list of top-10 I find myself listening to more than any others released this year.

Here is a bonus video from Cavalera Conspiracy.


 To the best of my knowledge and feelings I can say that more than likely only #1 & 2 will still be on my list at the end of the year.  There is so much potential to be released upon us that I think #3-10 will be pushed off the list, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great.  I just have high hopes for what gets released between now and the end of this epic metal year.

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  1. Lmao @ “Surter Rising had me at AAAAAARRRRRRHHHHHHHGGGGG!”
    This has been such an exceptional year for metal so far, and come September it will go into overload even if only half of the upcoming releases live up to the hype(I’m really hoping the new Opeth does, that would be the one I’m most excited for).
    I didn’t know Foo Fighters released a new one this year, I’ll have to check that one out. I was the same with them and dismissed them thinking it would be a Nirvana II, and I’m not exactly a Nirvana fan, but then saw them open for the Red Hot Chili Peppers like 10 years or so ago and ended up really getting into them.
    That Symphony X album has yet to stop kicking my ass and just keeps growing on me more and more. A lot of fans are giving them a lot of flak because it’s a different direction for the band, but ya know……
    The Amorphis album has grown on me a bit and I do like it a bit more since I reviewed it, it’s still no Skyforger, but still a stellar album.
    And Amon Amarth, damn is that a beast of an album, “Slaves of Fear” and “The Last Stand of Frej” are amazing tracks.

    Cheers to the next 6 months!!

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