Theme Thrusday- Happy Metal

I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the stereotype that all metal is dark and angry and that people who avidly listen to the metal are the same.  Well, as you all know, that is not the case with most metal heads.  Of course there are those who fit perfectly into that stereotype, but more often than not, that’s not the case.  Like mostly everyone else in the world we like to laugh, smile, and be merry, we’re a happy people.

It’s true that a lot of metal albums are full of anger and sorrow, and that’s cool.  A lot of music portrays anger and sorrow, even in pop and jazz music, but the extreme nature of metal intensifies it.  It’s normal to enjoy songs about the stated feelings, just about everyone does.  But like any good thing, moderation, moderation, moderation.  And moderation does exist in metal.  Not all metal has to do with anger and hate, the vast majority of the songs deal with various other subjects including love and happiness.  So, if the extreme nature of metal can intensify the anger and hate emotions, inversely it can intensify happiness and joy.  So today I bring you a nice little list of metal bands, albums, and songs that make me a Happy Metal Guy™.  I hope that this list puts a smile on your face and makes you merry(and maybe even introduces you to some new music).  This list is just the tip of the iceberg on metal songs that could make someone happy, what are your favorite Happy Metal bands, albums, and songs?  Peace Love and Metal!!!!!


Everything about this folk metal band makes me happy and every single album they have released has put the biggest smile on my face and good humor in my soul.  Their songs of beer and nature have such an intensely fun air to them that it’s nearly impossible to be in anything resembling a bad mood while listening to them.  On their later releases they sing exclusively in their native Finnish tongue, but not does that for one second detract from the happy and positive energy oozing out of their music.

Austrian Death Machine

Seriously, how can a thrash metal band that plays songs inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger movies in a faux Arnold voice not make any metal head laugh out loud.  Both of their albums are full of fast paced thrash metal music and hilarious lyrics and vocals.


Pirate Power Folk Thrash Metal.  Yup, you read that right.  These pirates know how to have a good time and elevate the listeners good humors with their fun and upbeat nautical tunes.  Of course they have songs about doing pirate misdeeds and travailing back in time and waging war against the Vikings, but damn, do they have a good time while doing it.


I’m a huge video game fan, and obviously I’m a metal head, so naturally Powerglove‘s marriage of the two will put a huge smile on my face as they do heavy metal interpretations of some of my favorite video game music.  With their latest album they branched out and started doing interpretations of Saturday morning cartoons and movies.  Ahh, heavy metal nostalgia.


I don’t know if you would exactly consider Journey a metal band, but I find them comparable to Power Metal in both sound and cheesiness.  If I’m ever in a down mood, I just pop some Journey one and I’m immediately in a great mood.  And don’t tell me when you hear the first notes to “Don’t Stop Believing” your not immediately primed, pumped, and ready to start singing along.


Say what you will about Dragonforce, but in my opinion they are awesome.  Their high and positive energy brings such a joyful glow to this metal heads heart.  That, and their just damn fun to listen to.

Bon Jovi

It’s true that Bon Jovi have drifted away from their metal roots for songs even more commercially pleasing, but there’s no denying that their earlier material was some hands down some fun classic metal.  Maybe the fact I’m a Jersey boy makes me a little bias, but listening to some of Mr. Jovi’s older works brings a smile to my nostalgic heart.


For as batshit crazy a certain member of this band is, they do create some of the most positively charged and fun music ever.  Listening to any Stratovarius album will lift your spirits up high.


While they do have a good handful of songs that delve into the darkness and occult they never come across as being evil and dark, Helloween are more akin to darkness in the way the holiday of Halloween is(go figure, lol).  They take dark things and make them light.  The happy nature of Helloween‘s albums always alleviates any negative mood I may be in.


You don’t get more American than Maryland’s Clutch.  These guys just rock and are fill with bluesy guitar riffs and hooks and fun and insightful lyrics.  If the grooves on their songs don’t make your body move you should check your pulse.  And if you have an opportunity to see Clutch live, do so, I guarantee you will have a wonderful night filled with beer, dancing, and general happiness.

The acoustic version of “Tight Like That” isn’t exactly metal, but felt like I should post it up just cause I think it’s awesome.

Iron Maiden

Metal legends Iron Maiden cover a broad range of topics and emotions, but being the mainly positive and fun loving people they are, their songs usually fall on the happy range of the emotion spectrum.


There’s something about this German Folk Metal band that just always puts me in a good mood.  The songs are brutal and harsh, and at the same time positive and uplifting, and also a ton of fun to listen to.


How could this quirky little band not put a smile on someones face.  Of course they have some pretty dark songs, but they embrace the full spectrum and have a ton of songs that will have you gleaming with glee.

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  1. The first thing I thought when I saw the title “Happy Music” was Green Day. Their music is mostly so upbeat and poppy that I thought this is where this theme was going. That would have been cool too, but I like the songs you have chosen and why they make you happy.

    Helloween always brought a smile to my face especially when listening to Dr. Stein. I still like that song today and also new rendition they did a few years ago with the Jazz feel.

    It seems almost natual that when people crave a certain feeling or need something to help them cope during a certain time they turn to music. Music can provide pretty much what you need emotionally on demand. I am less familiar with some of these bands on the list, but for the ones I know well (Maiden, Bon Jovi, Journey, Dragonforce, Clutch, and Claypool’s myriad of music) I can easily see what you mean. How can anyone be pissed off listening to Dragonforce? Really, I don’t think it’s possible. And Bon Jovi? How can that not make someone want to shack up in the back seat of a car or get back together after a terrible fight?

    Music is a wonderful thing and metal is not clearly all about throwing chairs and growling in anger. Great post!

  2. What about Elvenking’s “Two Tragedy poets…and a Caravan of Weird Figures”?

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