Song of the Week- Black Lake Nidstång

Summer is officially here and it’s f’n hot outside.  Here’s a song that will chill your body to the bone.  Along with cooling your body down it beautifully captures the wonder and glory of nature during the winter time in musical form as well as creating a graceful yet haunting atmosphere.  I know it’s a bit of a long song, but it is well worth your time to close your eyes and get lost in the majesty of Agalloch‘s “Black Lake Nidstång”.

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  1. This is quite haunting and I never complain about song length…so this was cool to listen to even with kids running around distracting me. The only time I heard of Agalloch is though iTunes where it says “people how bought this also bought…and there it would be listed. I am going to have to sample some of their music.

    • I just recently got into Agalloch after hearing a bunch of good reviews of their latest album “Marrow of the Spirit” and them being described as “nature metal” multiple times. I really like that album, they capture that underproduced raw sound without being underproduced and sounding like they were recorded in a tin can. I’ve heard great things about their back catalog, so when funds allow I’d like to check out another album or 2 by them.

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