Album Review- From Chaos to Eternity- Rhapsody of Fire

Now this is how you go out in style.  Rhapsody(of Fire)‘s new release From Chaos to Eternity brings the Dark Secret Saga to a close and also marks the their exit from the fantasy world of Rhapsody(there will still be tours and concerts under the Rhapsody moniker, and maybe other Rhapsody albums, but none taking place in the world they have created).  It will be sad to see the Rhapsody saga come to a close, but they couldn’t have ended it on a higher note.  Over the years Rhapsody have captivated their listeners with their unique brand of neo-classical power metal and their world of dragons, elves, demons, angels, wizards, and dark geometry.

From Chaos to Eternity takes all the tricks, styles, sounds, and influences that they have picked up over their 15 year career and merges it all together and expands on them with staggering results.  Along with copious amounts of Power metal you get classical music ranging from Medieval and Renaissance to Baroque and Romantic and far beyond, there’s bits of classic Italian opera, film score music, there’s Thrash metal, Death metal, Black metal, Progressive rock, and even Stadium rock.  Holding all the chaos together is the narritive that Rhapsody has built into the album which is delivered through the lyrics and music, and also through voice-overs littered throughout the album.  All the actors providing the voice-overs give an outstanding performance most notably the character of The Wizard King Uriel who is voiced by Sir Christopher Lee(Lord of the Rings, Dracula, Star Wars) and in my eyes has become as big of a part of the band as all the other instrument playing members.

The talent of the members of the band on this record is astounding, most notably band leaders Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli.  Luca has mastered his unique brand of neo-classical guitar playing and shredding and really brings driving and passionate energy throughout the whole album, most notably on songs such as “From Chaos to Eternity”, and “Tornado”.  Alex’s keyboard mastery and his sweeping epic scores and solos flesh out the songs and add personality and life to the fictional world that Rhapsody has created.  Together their songwriting ability is a force to be reckoned with, never is there a dull moment on the album leading up to the infectious album closer, the 20 minute epic “Heroes of the Waterfall Kingdom”.

The rest of the band are no slouchers either, Patrice Guers bass playing matches some of the top players in the world(check out his run in “Tempesta di Fuoco”(“Firestorm”), wow), and second guitarist Tom Hess compliments Luca excellently.  Vocalist Fabio Lione’s elastic voice soars ranging from his unique power metal voice(I love his duet with the choir in “I Belong to the Stars) to opera on “Anima Perduta” (“Fallen Soul”) to Black metal rasps on songs like “Aeons of Raging Darkness”.  Alex Holzwarth somehow keeps all the chaos and insanity in line with his spot on with his fluent and commanding drumming.

The production on From Chaos to Eternity is also something of high note.  Luca and Alex handling the production duties have outdid themselves on this release.  No sound is to high nor to low, every member of the band compliments the other always and at the perfect moments, the voice actors fit the music, the mixing and mastering is spot on, and well, everything just works.  Like the album name they were able to take chaos and bring it to eternity.

In the end this is an amazing piece of work and a fitting farewell to Rhapsody.  If you have enjoyed any of their other albums or enjoy listening to Power metal, this is a hands down must buy.  If you have never checked out Rhapsody before, it’s never too late, while they aren’t exactly for everybody, I highly recommend giving them a good open minded listen and you don’t need to be involved in the narrative to enjoy this album, nor their others as each bit of the story stands on its own.  I am looking forward to the other projects that the members have in store(especially Luca Turilli’s DreamQuest) and wish them the best of luck in their pursuits(after the album tour of course 😉 ).  Thank you Rhapsody for your unique contributions to the realm of metal and fantasy, rock on brothers, rock on.

P.S.- The special edition of the album also includes an excellent cover of Iron Maiden‘s “Flash of the Blade” as well as great packaging, extended liner notes, and a lesson from Luca Turilli on the guitar solo in “Tornado”.  Well worth the couple extra bucks.

Alright, I made it to the end of a post about Rhapsody without mentioning cheese once!!!, Damn!  Oh well,



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