New Evile Release in September

In addition to the September slaughter, lesser known British thrashers Evile will be adding to the pain of depleting your hard-earned cash.  Five Serpent’s Teeth is scheduled for release on September 26th, according to Evile’s website.  The album was produced by Russ Russell who produced Evile’s first album Enter The Grave which is pretty bad ass.  You might remember a recent post for a video called “Thrashers” which came from that album.

Based on the first track Eternal Empire, which can be heard from YouTube below, it sounds like vocalist Matt Drake seems to have discovered this thing called a voice.  I can see some fans being turned off by this.  As far as the music goes it sounds like straight up thrash to me although I can tell that Evile is getting more mature and with their musical style. I like the speed-metal parts of this song. 

For those of us in England, Evile is offering up a unique contest.  Check this link for details.  In short, if you guess that answer to the question (see YouTube video) correctly you could win one of only 15 pairs of tickets to see Evile play the new album live at Gibson guitar studio in London.  I submitted for it even though I will be out of country. I guess if I win I will have to give up my tickets to someone else.  Hint, the answer is on the link above.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am saving up for September.

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  1. Wow, I really like that new track, Matt Drake’s voice sounds great in this mode. Thanks for getting me into these guys and I’m looking forward to the new record.
    Do you know what else is coming out from the thrash realm in Sept. also. Just a little known band know as Anthrax releasing a new one. Looks like after the slaughter of September the rest of the year will be dedicated to absorbing this deluge of new material. And there’s rumors of a new Tool album and an Ensiferum double album to be released this year. What a glorious time to be a metalhead!!!!

  2. Damn that is some good stuff. I am looking forward to new Anthrax…or at least revised Anthrax with Belladonna on vocals they wrote with the other dude.

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