Sonisphere Lottery Ticket Results

Since Sonisphere was announced in Knebworth, England this year I have anticipated this event.  Last year’s experience with Rammstein (and others) was so cool that I pretty much made up my mind that I would go this year no matter who played.  Then the announcement of the Big Four sealed the deal.  So I waited and waited for day tickets to go on sale (like last year) and it never happened. 

This year promoters decided to hold a lottery for day tickets.  Initially, I wasn’t very thrilled about this because I do believe in first come, first serve.  Instead of complaining about it I just went ahead and submitted my name and email for the days I hoped to see which is the Big Four day (Friday the 8th July) or Sunday (10 July) with Slipknot, Opeth, Motorhead, and Arch Enemy.  I figure if I get selected for either day then it’s a win win situation since there are so many good metal bands playing.

On May 25th promoters emailed winners as promised and low and behold I was selected.  Not only was I selected, but I got to choose either Friday or Sunday or both if I wanted.  If I was single I would have picked both, but out of respect for my wife and kids, I will take the one day authorized by my off-base commander. 

Before my 72-hour deadline came and went, I made my choice.  Sorry to Opeth and Arch Enemy, I am going to see the Big Four.  Why?  Well, that is what I grew up with and as these bands make metal history I want to be a part of it before it never happens again.  Besides, with Opeth releasing a new album this year I am gambling that they will return to England for a headlining show.  So what else is Sonisphere offering on this historic day?

I will have a chance to see some new (to me) stuff in the form of Killing Joke, Hayseed Dixie, Blood Red Shoes, My Passion, Black Dahlia Murder, Firewind, Glamour of the Kill, Lower Than Atlantis, Japanese Voyeurs, Rolo Tomassi, Protest the Hero and a few others I have never heard of.  With the exception of Protest the Hero, Firewind, Killing Joke, and Black Dahlia Murder I have never heard of the other bands.  If you think any of them are worth seeing please let me know.  Otherwise I will be main-staging it most of the day.  Oh, Diamond Head is also playing as well.  I will be sure to capture some vids and post a full review when I recover from this historic event.  Thank you for reading.  I hope the Big Four comes to an area near you.


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Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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  1. Good deal you got some prime picks. Have fun at the Big 4. The addition of Diamond Head is really cool and fits with the Big 4 line up perfectly. Theirs some other great bands playing that day too. I saw Protest the Hero with BTBAM some years back and they were really good, I picked up their cd at the show and I liked it a lot, I hear they have a new one out, I’ll have to check it out eventually. Black Dahlia Murder is insane live too, I caught them with King Diamond!! and they put on an intense show. Firewind I saw open for Blind Guardian last year, and well, meh, they played their songs and that was about that.
    And Killing Joke, wow, I haven’t heard them since forever ago, that will be a treat seeing them, they were a huge influence on metal. I wonder if their frontman is still nuttier than a squirrel turd.
    Have fun dude!!!

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