Album Spotlight-The Frozen Tears of Angels

Have you ever gotten completely sucked in by a game of Dungeons & Dragons?  Are you partial to stories about a group of unlikely hero’s coming together to find and destroy a magical artifact to save their world?  Do you love over the top neo-classical symphonic power metal?  Do you think the best cheese in the world comes from Italy?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I got the perfect album recommendation for you.  Rhapsody of Fire(formerly know as just Rhapsody) is a band that hails from Italy, they create the best in over the top symphonic epic power metal, they have an affinity for fantastical subject matter, and they have an ongoing narrative within their albums where unlikely heroes come together to search for an indestructible book written in the blood of angel’s that contains evil geometry(yup, you read that right, evil geometry) that could resurrect a supremely evil entity known as Nekron that would bring about cosmic chaos.  And they’re made out of nothing but the finest and tastiest Italian cheese, delicious, mouthwatering Italian cheese.  Oh, and Saruman, err, Christopher Lee does narrations on their albums.

Their seventh studio album is entitled The Frozen Tears of Angels and boy, is it a doozy.  It is the penultimate chapter in their Dark Secret Saga(the final chapter is due to be released this June) and Rhapsody of Fire holds absolutely nothing back on the excess and over the top nature of this album.  From the moment the album opens with Christopher Lee’s introduction to the story and the blockbuster film quality symphonic score on “Dark Frozen World” we are led into a journey of pure energy, emotion, and most important, plain musical fun.  The first song that we are brought to, “Sea of Fate” starts off in full force with Luca Turilli’s insane guitar shredding abilities and doesn’t let up for a second for the entirety of the song and really sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the album.

On the song “Reign of Chaos” we see vocalist Fabio Leone’s mastery of his craft along with Rhapsody of Fire‘s heaviest song to date.  On this song he is able to incorporate with his amazing operatic voice elements of black metal singing that just send the song soaring over the edge on a fire breathing dragon into the realm of bombastic awesomeness.  The rest of the band isn’t slouching at all on this song either, Alex Staropoli’s keyboard skill bring the song to epic proportions, Patrice Guers’ breakneck bass playing keeps all the insanity grounded, and Alex Holzwarth impeccable drumming keep the chaos nice and organized, and Luca’s guitar playing, damn can that guy shred.  The level of excellence of the musicianship that is present on this song is definitely present on the entire album.

Another stand out song is “Danza di Fuoco e Ghiaccio”(“Dance of Fire and Ice”) which is sung in Rhapsody of Fire‘s native tongue of Italian and is a completely original and down right fun song to listen to.  It starts out with the medieval inspired main harmony played out on a flute with accompanying classical guitars before the electric kicks in.  For the refrains Fabio delivers gorgeous and poetic vocals and in the chorus he again uses his operatic side.  The guitar solo in this one is of high note also.  When I listen to this song I can’t help but think of sword swinging elves doing drunken jigs in their forest village during a beautiful spring day.

“Lost in Cold Dreams” serves as obligatory power ballad on the album and features yet again stupendous vocal work and great guitar work and instead of just serving as the obligatory power ballad it enhances the flow of the album and stands out as one of the better power ballads in modern history.  “On the Way to Ainor” is another stand out song overflowing with cheese and a great chorus that is hard not to sing along with and Luca releases his inner dragons fury in full with one of his best guitar solos ever recorded.

In the end, The Frozen Tears of Angels is an album that I highly suggest you give a listen to, whether your a fantasy fan or not, there is not a bad song at all on the entire album.  It’s not dark, it’s not brutal, it’s not angry, it’s not for the lactose intolerant, but what it is, is entertaining, fun, and bursting with pure positive energy and will put many smiles on your face as you listen to it whether you are laughing at the over the top cheesyness or grooving with stellar musical prowess of the band.


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