Sonisphere Festival Update

The final artist list for Sonisphere is complete and they have finally offered day tickets.  You would think that would bring joy to my life, but this is not so much the case.  If you have been following this blog you know that the Big Four is making an appearance at Sonisphere U.K. which is only about 45 minutes from my house.  I have been looking forward to this opportunity and have been patiently waiting for day tickets to go on sale.  Well, today the announcement was made, but with a twist.  They will be holding a ticket eligibility “lottery’ of sorts.  I had to go in and register for which day or days I want to see and then on May 25th I will find out if I have been selected to be allowed to purchase a day ticket.  And if I am lucky enough to get selected to spend 80 pounds for a day pass, they will tell me which day I can go to.

So I chose Friday July 8th because that is the day of the Big Four and I also chose the Sunday the 10th show which features Slipknot headlining and also Opeth, Arch Enemy, and Motorhead; all of which I have never seen live before.  So I MIGHT get lucky and see the Big Four or the other day or I might get shit-nothing.

Whatever happened to first come, first serve?!  I have been looking at that website every day for months now for word on single day passes.  I almost want to boycott the festival and go to Download instead and scream at Linkin Park out of spite.

Well whatever, if I get selected to purchase a ticket I will just let the chips fall where they may because if I get to go I win with either one of those days.  Either I see my favorite bands all in one day or I see other bands I like for the first time.  If I get selected it’s a win win.  If I do not get selected I will technically be a loser and I will be sore about it and you will be the first to hear about it on May 25th.  Stay tuned I might need a shoulder to cry on.  Here are some videos of all the bands metioned inthis article, except Linkin Park.

So what would you do?  Here is the link to the Sonisphere site.

This is an awesome Slayer video


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  1. I hope you get the Big 4 tickets. The whole “lottery” things sounds kinda iffy to me. The only positive thing I can see it doing is reducing the amount of scalpers. But it should be first come first serve or maybe have a special pre-order for the fans that in the bands fanclub or something. If you don’t get the Big 4 date, I sure as hell hope you get the Opeth date, it would suck to have to miss them again for nothing.
    Lmao @ “Here are some videos of all the bands metioned inthis article, except Linkin Park.”

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