Song of the Week – I’m Not Amused – 13 Apr 11

Have you ever heard of Galactic Cowboys?  I am not sure where to classify this band; perhaps metal; rock; prog…in some cases?  I am not sure, but I do think they are neat and interesting to listen to.  I have kind of followed their music throughout their career and liked most of what they put out.  Some of their music is heavy where some is definitely not, but that might have been why I liked them.  They didn’t conform to any particular standard.

I’m Not Amused is the first single from their first album Galactic Cowboys released in 1991.  So this is vintage Galactic Cowboys in case you were wondering.  I saw this video on MTV when music was played on Music Television.  It appeared pretty regularly on Headbangers Ball even though the headbanging part does not define this band.  As far as their musical content goes, they pretty much like to sing about whatever they are thinking about at the time, whether it’s UFOs or Walt Disney.  You never really know what you are going to get.

My only experience with this band live is when they opened up for Overkill in 1991…give or take a year.  A band called Annacrusis also played that day.  I think they are still out there too.  Currently, Galactic Cowboys is not active anymore except for some reunion shows here and there, according to Wikipedia.  If you have ever seen the movie Airheads, the band in the movie Sons of Thunder is actually Galactic Cowboys.  There is some gee-whiz for you.  Well, I hope you enjoyed your Galactic Cowboys song of the week.  I hope it gets you safely to your weekend.

Here are a couple of vids for you.  Enjoy!

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