Album Review: Cavalera Conspiracy- Blunt Force Trauma

The review for the Cavalera Conspiracy album is here.

I have had this album for a little while now, and I have made every effort to listen to it whenever I can.

First, I want to give a quick overview of Cavalera Conspiracy’s first album, Inflikted, released in March of 2008.  The Inflikted album was great, and it really was a solid groove metal album.  But there was something I didn’t like about the album.  I guess the biggest problem I had with the Inflikted album was that most of the songs had a bunch of atmosphere-type add-ons to the songs, artificially lengthening the song without substance.  It became a little frustrating when it came to making a mix for running or working out.  There would be this great song, but it would end with a minute of noise.  Other than that, the album was great.

Fast forward three years to their newest release, Blunt Force Trauma, releasing this month.  I was very excited to get a hold of this album.  It was definitely one of my top five anticipated albums of the year (so far). 

The first thing I will say about this album is that it is a good album.  There are some groove metal songs as well as a lot of thrash metal riffing.  Cavalera Conspiracy must have had a lot of people tell them to knock off all the atmosphere stuff on a thrash album, and they listened.  There are no songs with any of the long-winded atmosphere, which means it is straight music from beginning to end. 

The album has 11 songs, 1 of those songs being a 1:51 thrash snippet (Torture).  The album itself is only 34 minutes long, with the longest track being “Genghis Khan” at 4:23.  Whether you think this is a good or bad length for the album is up for debate, but I think they could have squeezed another song or two on the album. 

When I say this is a good album, it is mainly because there is 34 minutes of music, and all the music on the album is good.  That being said, every song has parts that I really like, but every song has parts that I don’t like.  It’s kind of a weird feeling listening to a song only to wait for the part of the song that I like.  Overall, though, I liked the album.  The musicianship on this album is great, and it shows an improvement from the last album, almost like they went out of their way to make it a little more technical.  Some specific parts on the album that I like- 1) the voiceover-type lyrics in “Genghis Khan” is reminiscent of old Sepultura stuff, 2) the guest vocals of Roger Miret of Agnostic Front on “Lynch Mob” (who I have never heard before but I like,) 3) the syncopated vocals in the title track.  Like I said, parts of songs were great for me. 

So, in conclusion, I give Cavalera Conspiracy’s Blunt Force Trauma 4 out of 5 devil horns.  A solid album, but I guess I just expected more.

Agree or Disagree?  Chime in.  All are welcome. 

Have a great day.

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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive review. I will probably still buy it, but it might slip on my list for other bands like Amon Amarth. I know what you mean about waiting for the good parts. I heard that in Soulfly alot…like with the song Jumpdaf**kup. I thought that was a good hard hitting song; great to work out to, but then you get this minute of useless music at the end that must be fast/forwarded through. I guess I don’t appreciate those little jingle inserts especially at the end of songs unless it seems relevant to the song.

    34 minutes is actually really short especially these days when musicians know they need to fill up a CD with quality music if they want to sell albums. I guess Blunt Force Trauma might make for a good 34-minute treadmill run.

    Either way, I am a fan of the Cavalera brothers and all they have done even with Nailbomb. As you mentioned it sounds nice that they left off the musical fluff at the end of songs…maybe that is why this album is so short.

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