Yungvirticus on Hiatus

Hello Metalheads,

Just a quick note that I will be on a temporary hiatus while I am studying for promotion.  My friends Plantera7 and Housebroken will shoulder the load while I am away.  I may pop in to give my review of the new Cavalera Conspiracy album.  I should be back in full swing on the 29th, which is the day after I test.  Wish me luck.  Or don’t.  Whatever.

By the way, I have been thinking of giving a name to give our fans/subscribers.  I think you should have a title that identifies you as a metal state citizen.  If you have any suggestions, post them.  My idea is “Angsters”, because if there is one thing metalheads have and know a lot about, it’s Angst. 

See you soon.  Let the metal flow.


About Yungvirticus

Born August 07, 1980. Currently serving in the United States Air Force, stationed at RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom. Married 11 years w/ no children (by choice) Metal fan since (roughly)1991. Hobbies: Metal Music, playing guitar/bass, travelling

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  1. Good luck dude. Since you got CC review I will take Amon Amarth. I will also have a Children of Bodom concert review shortly after. I will resume SOTD and the album of the week until you are decompressed from studying and ready to jump Back to the Front!

    Housebroken..I gave you “Author” rights so you should be able to log in and make posts. Let me know if I gave you the appropriate rights to do so.

  2. Congrats on the promotion!!! And kick some tail on your test.
    All seems good on my end Plantera, everything works. I can’t make categories and think it would be cool to have a cat. for Video of the Week, to keep things nice and organized
    As far as a pet name for subs and fans, “The Enlightened” popped into my head. Since its “a metal State Of Mind”, the people are Enlightened to the Metal State of Mind when they subscribe.

    • Cheers! I made a category for Video of the week and renamed a couple categories so they are not all metal…whatever. We know its metal.

      Hey Yungvirticus, I don’t remember doing artist of the month, do you want to rotate that around. Do you think we need a weekly spoting schedule? Keep studying but dont forget to take a break.

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