Song of the Day, 16 March 2011, R**k the Vote

Hello Everyone,

Before I post the SOTD, I want to say welcome to our new metal brother, atleastimhousebroken.  I know he will do great things for our humble blog.  It is always awesome to meet someone who not only has the same interests, but also is not shy about expressing themselves.  Welcome to the team, sir. 

Today’s SOTD is “R**k the Vote” by Carcass, from the album Swansong.

I only own two Carcass albums, Swansong and Heartwork.  And I have to say, the difference between these two albums is staggering.  When Michael Amott left Carcass, their sound changed dramatically.  That being said, both albums kick serious ass.  I can hear a more groove-grind feel with the Swansong album, while Heartwork is a little more death-thrash. 

I chose this song because I like the intro to the song.  The guitar part throughout is great, and the whole song is pretty straightforward.  I have come to realize that I am very partial to groove-metal songs and artists, which may be why I prefer the Swansong album over Heartwork.

About Yungvirticus

Born August 07, 1980. Currently serving in the United States Air Force, stationed at RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom. Married 11 years w/ no children (by choice) Metal fan since (roughly)1991. Hobbies: Metal Music, playing guitar/bass, travelling

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  1. Happy to be part of the team. Thanks for having me!
    Great track, Carcass was one of those bands that I overlooked because I had thought that they were some satanic cookie monster death metal bands. I was wrong. I defiantly like their groovier stuff much more than the trash style. I guess that Michael Amott’s departure was a win/win situation for them and for Arch Enemy. Have you heard his other band Spiritual Beggars, they’re a great kinda-psychedelic groove metal band. I think that they may be right up your alley.

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