Song of the Day, 10 March 2011, F*ck You

There are many bands that have a song with this title.  And why wouldn’t they?  Sometimes this is the only way to express something beyond “cilivized” words.  While we as a society are desensitized to almost anything, it seems some terms or expressions still carry a lot of weight.  This is one of them.  

The Song of the Day is “F*ck You” by Damageplan, from their album New Found Power.   

I am not sure why I censored the song title.  It’s just words, after all.

I have to admit, when it comes to Damageplan, I am definitely of two minds, for obvious reasons.  But, this is a great song, with a hook that gets stuck in my head whenever I hear it.  While Damageplan may not have had the same punch as Pantera, they were a pretty decent band.  Then again, why would they want to sound like Pantera?  Critics would have jumped all over them if they did.

Have a great day everyone.    Only one more day until the weekend.


About Yungvirticus

Born August 07, 1980. Currently serving in the United States Air Force, stationed at RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom. Married 11 years w/ no children (by choice) Metal fan since (roughly)1991. Hobbies: Metal Music, playing guitar/bass, travelling

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