Song of the Day – Last Cup of Sorrow – 25 Feb 11

To round out what was actually a longer-than-normal work week is Faith No More.  The Last Cup of Sorrow is the song of the day which comes to you off the Who Cares A Lot: Greatest Hits Disc 1…at least that’s how I have access to it.  Faith No More has been pretty much resurrected.  They have been dormant for a while, but have reenergized their website and spent some time on tour in 2010.    No word yet on a new album, but it seems as though Faith No More might be playing with some things to see where it goes.

This is one band I liked when they came out that was different than the metal I was listening to.  I guess I started to broaden my horizons a bit.   There was a time when I was metal exclusive and I realized that there is good music out there that doesn’t require whiplash.  Have a great weekend!

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Just a dude writing a heavy metal blog and always on the prowl for a cool metal show. I am also a family man...first and foremost!

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  1. Great track!! FNM is a mindblowing band. They’re so damn original. “Album of the Year”, the album, “Last Cup of Sorrow” is off of is a great album, albeit quite a departure from their sound, but well, that’s what FNM is all about, being different then the rest. I really hope to catch them live, I missed them when the came to Milan on the reunion tour because they played just a couple days after I made my official move here and things were too hectic. But I have seen Mike Pattons other projects live. Mr. Bungle was just insane, they dressed up like the Village People and because they were playing at a metal show, their sound didn’t really fit the crowd so they were getting heckled a lot. And man did Mike Patton make some great comebacks to the hecklers. One of the funniest shows I have ever seen. (here’s a video of how Mike deals with hecklers, and the show I was at was nonstop with bits like it I’ve seen Mike Pattons latest project Mondo Cane in Milan. For that he does top class covers of 50’s and 60’s Italian vocal pop songs with a full orchestra. It was one hell of an experience, the show was in the courtyard of an Italian castle and I was in the 10th row, I couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere. And his voice and annunciation was impeccable, I’ve never seen a singer so spot on live before, and he speaks fluent Italian so he had a great relationship with the audience.

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