Album of the Week – Chimaira Coming Alive

This week I am choosing Chimaira to represent album of the week, but with a little twist.  The Chimaira “Coming Alive” CD is also a DVD set.  I chose Coming Alive because not only am I a fan of Chimiara, but this set is so well done, that I feel the need to tell you about it.

The DVD/CD set is live from Cleveland, OH on Chimaira’s annual Christmas show (how nice of them).  The production value is one of the best i have every seen, the CD sounds great, plus there are hours of additional footage of the band back stage, etc.  This is a great set and not entirely too expensive either.  The set list is a great representation of the band, not too heavy on one particular album, so you get a good sample of their long career.

Unfortunately, in recent news, Chimaira’s bassist has left the band, but Chimaira says they are going to move on.  I look forward to the next release and hope to see them on the road.  Their live show is well worth making the effort to get to the venue.  Enjoy!

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